Google: We succeed when the iPhone succeeds

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AndroidfoLife, Apr 16, 2011.

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    You may think that Google has some beefs with the Apple iPhone because it wants Android to rule the world. But if you ask Google’s Asia-Pacific president Daniel Alegre, the iPhone is more of an ally than an enemy.

    “Whenever iPhone succeeds, Google succeeds,” Alegre told AdNews. “I actually don’t look at it as iPhone versus Android. iPhone is a very strong driver of query growth for Google. We also monetize apps through the iPhone … we actually benefit from iPhone’s growth.”

    This does make a lot of sense, as the Apple iPhone is preloaded with Google search and Google maps and iOS users still generally use more data than other platforms, although that may be changing with Android. Google apps also get some good traction on the iPhone even if they’re not preloaded.

    We’re hearing some rumblings that the animosity between Apple and Google is growing, particularly from Apple’s side. Apple doesn’t necessarily benefit from the success of Google the same way the search giant does from the iPhone. That may be why we hear rumors that Steve Jobs hid the iPad from Eric Schmidt when the Google executive was on Apple’s board.

    There’s a chance that Apple could up-end the search giant by including its own services or partnering with rivals. Microsoft Bing is now available on the iPhone and turning it to the default search would instantly increase Bing’s mobile share.

    Of course, Google Maps is a stellar way to find things around you and to navigate around but Apple did purchase the mapping company Poly9 last year and it’s not impossible for it to roll out some sort of specialized mapping service on the iOS devices. I still don’t think it has the experiences or resources to make this as functional as the latest version of Google Maps but I could see Apple trying.
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    Yeah, I agree... Google presence has increased because of the iPhone. There's another article that says they want the iPhone to grow. But both companies do need to stop their little bitching.
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    Google is one odd company.
    In one sense, they make money from corporations like apple that use google's apps and in another sense they compete against apple.

    I foresee the day when apple drops all google apps from their phone - presumably if google ever gets their music service off the ground.
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    Google makes BILLIONS off AdSense. Unlike other manufacturers, Google never has to sell anything tangible to succeed. Android may not even be profitable to them or their OEM. As long as Google drives internet traffic, that is how they make majority of their profits. Google was just smart enough to take on Apple to prevent a monopoly while having Android surpass Symbian, WinMo, and BlackBerry at the time when Nokia, Microsoft, and RIM were still moving slowly with the development. Now Android will be the most popular OS for the next four years. Even if it wasn't, Google is still raking in the cash with ads.
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    I see this as google saying:
    If iOS manages by some meracle to knock of android...We win still.

    If Android manages to knock of iOS by some meracle...We win.
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    It just some "magical horse race" in fanboys' heads. Your competitors in business can also be your allies and partners. Toshiba and Sony have been long-time rivals and even they have partnered up multiple times before. You don't think Apple has to make "everything" themselves. Impossible. You need to outsource. They still use Foxcomm in China to manufacture their phones. They still go to Samsung to make the chip. And they still go to Omnivision or in this year's case, Sony, to provide the camera module. Google will continue to make money as long as you use their services and Google Search and YouTube are two of the top three most visited sites on the web. There is a Google ad right now at the bottom of this page and they will link YouTube videos to entice more people to click on it.
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    Either way, both companies need each other. It would be no good if one dropped out. The remaining one would rest on its laurels and that'd be the end of it.

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