Google's Eric Schmidt: 1.3 million Android activations a day, 480 million devices WW

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    Sep 3, 2012
    700000 In december2011
    1000000 in July2012
    1300000 in Sept2012

    Contrary to what a lot of tech bloggers predicted, Android adoption seems to be growing at an exponential rate.

    1.3 Million device activations per day!..this figure simply boggles the mind. And resets/new Rom's do not count as new activations..and only devices that can access Google's play store are counted(This means Millions of Kindle Fires, and dozens of millions of other android Phones are not counted as well).

    When the first android phone came out about 5 years ago, I knew Google had a real winning strategy on it's hands...and now data seems to prove it beyond any doubt. Furthermore This is probably the most popular open source OS in the world..not to mention the fastest growing OS in human history. I predict that by Google I/O conference in 2013; we will see about 2 Million activations per day(i'm being conservative) and about 1.5 Android devices in use.

    Here is a quick Excel plot I created.


    With ICS and Jelly Beans, Android has truly come of Age. I love the sleek design, modern user friendly UI and Extreme specs of the Android a person interested in technology, the customization options do not hurt either :)

    Where will Android go from now? What can we expect/want in the next iteration of Android; the Key Lime Pie? I'm totally digging the news that the next android version release will come with not one, but Five Nexus phones from the major OEMS.

    PS: Disclaimer. This post was not intended to put down IOS or any other operation systems. I'm sure that they who use other OS's have their reasons.

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    not surprised. Just the S3 alone gets ~120,000 activations per day.

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