Got a black sports band, it all worked out

Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by jian, May 22, 2015.

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    So when I was about to order on the 10th, I had a debate between space grey sport or blue sport...then when I finally made up my mind, space grey is already sold out for the initial batch, and when I went back to blue, it was out too...

    I went, oh well, I'm just gonna visit an Apple Store to try it in person before I really blow 400 on it. Later when I went to the apple store and compared both, liked blue slightly more, and ordered it almost on spot.

    literally 4 days after the launch (Tuesday of the following week), I received my Blue Apple Watch Sport and couldn't be more satisfied. I loved every aspect of it. To me, white looks too empty, pink is too girly, and the shade of green just isn't my cup of tea. I do want the black bands but it was "intended" for space grey only which kinda bugs me.

    Well, MR posted that spare bands are now available for purchase at selected Apple Stores now, since I had to go to a local mall (Stonestown, San Francisco) to buy something anyway, I went to the Apple Store just to see if it's there, and oh boy, they were indeed available. I picked up a pair of black sports band with stainless steel silver pin, put them on and oh boy this thing is sexy.

    The Apple associate was like, "silver sports with black band makes it looks like a macbook now"

    TL;DL: Had a debate between Space Grey sports and Blue sports, went with blue due to relatively less demand and purchased a set of black band today. Now, I actually love how silver aluminum watch looks like with black bands over the stock space grey sports watch.
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    Black sport band my favorite too. Nice choice!! And it does look great on the silver sport.
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