Got a call about a job from Apple, question

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    Hi All,
    A couple weeks ago I put in an online app to be a specialist (retail job) at an Apple store. I had my iPhone in another room, and just saw that I missed a call, I listened to the voicemail, which said: "This is *name* with technical resources, I looked over your resume and wanted to know if you are still interested in a job, I currently have a position with Apple computers that I wanted to speak to you about, under the MobileMe department at Apple." Goes on to say please call him back when I can if I'm interested, etc.

    Before I call back, I want to know what to expect - I haven't used MobileMe extensively, and this doens't sound like a job in retail(?). Can anyone tell me what I would be doing with this job? Thanks!

    Edit: I don't mind that it's not a job in retail, if it isn't! I'm just trying to get an idea of what to expect before I call him back.
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