Got a Free Upgrade to a 2013 rMBP 15!!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by cherishzm, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. cherishzm macrumors regular

    Mar 13, 2011
    My original rMBP 15 with an LG panel had the infamous image retention issue and I decided to get it replaced before its warranty expiring soon. The genius bar at my local Apple store approved the replacement and I dropped it off next day (last Tuesday) and I was told it'd take 3~5 business days. It has been used as my main work/personal computer and other than the image retention issue, there was nothing wrong with it and I was pretty happy with it.

    I had a backup cMBP 15 that I transferred my data over but it was noticeably slow and Windows 7 VM that I was running on the rMBP made everything unbearably slow not to mention that my eyes were spoiled with the retina display. I could not wait to get my rMBP back!

    On last Friday, I called Apple store and asked for a status update and was told the initial replacement display did not solve the issue and they have found wireless card was not functioning correctly and it failed a test. They said new parts were ordered and on the way and asked to wait a couple more days. I did not understand how the wireless card could go bad all of sudden but waited until following Monday. I called again on Monday and was told they are still working on it and I should hear from them same day or next day. I still have not heard from anyone so I called next day, Tuesday, and asked to check the status. I emphasized that I need to get it back as quickly as possible as it's my main work computer.

    On Wednesday, I called again and talked with someone at Genius Bar that the repair could not be completed at the store and he asked me an authorization to send it out to outside repair facility. I told him I need it back ASAP again and asked politely but firmly if there are any other options including a providing me a replacement. The guy said it'd take some paperwork but he'll be able to approve a new replacement for me since the wait was too long (I was repetitively told mine is on top of their repair priority ).

    2 hours later, I went to the Apple store and the guy brought me a new one from the genius room. He confessed that a logic board and some other internal components must have been shorted/damaged during the display replacement and they could not get it even booted. He also mentioned my rMBP was in perfect condition and it is appropriate to provide me a new replacement. And the replacement is a newer 2013 version with a Samsung panel... AND it comes with another full 1-year warranty :D

    It turned out great and I'm completely satisfied how Apple handled this situation. I did have to wait few more days but it's well worth it!

    I did not understand how the cMBP 15 (it's the current version!) would feel considerably slower compared to rMBP. I am not doing any graphics or CPU intensive works but run W7 VM on Parallels. I'm sure the flash storage in the rMBP plays a big role here as well as the 8GB memory for running VM.

    Anyways, my experience with Apple products and services has been great which includes couple of iPhone replacements under warranty.
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    Aug 25, 2013
    Glad everything worked out well for you. Did they transfer anything you needed form the old machine to the new one for you?
  3. TechZeke macrumors 68020


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    Rialto, CA
    The reason why the cMBP felt slower was probably the SSD in the rMBP. My cMBP with my 840 SSD runs just as fast. Otherwise they use pretty much the same internal hardware.
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    Mar 13, 2011
    Thanks for the comment. They could not because the old machine won't boot up so data transfer was not done. I could've asked a flash storage swap but I did not want to mess with my new rMBP. Luckily. I made a full backup of my flash storage using CCC and importing from it to a new one was a breeze.


    You're probably right and the cMBP+SSD (+HDD in optibay) setup was what I used before getting the rMBP. However, I can certainly tell you that I'd never go back to cMBP after being spoiled with rMBP. cMBP's are definitely more versatile and flexible with user upgradable parts, but I just don't feel anything that need to be customized in my rMBP. Not to mention its gorgeous screen, the thinness and its overall premium feel make me a happy rMBP owner! :)
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    Dec 30, 2010
    Similar situation to me.

    I had a total of three repairs on my mid 2010 MBP. First was a screen issue, which Apple fixed. Then the screen issue appeared again as well as a DVD drive issue, which my local 'certified retailer' tried to fix, but instead they botched the job and sent it back as 'fixed'. Well back to Apple I went and they fixed it again, as well as the mainboard which the other store broke. Then, most recently, another screen issue appeared.
    This time i'd had enough, and they gave me a new 15" 2013 rMBP with a years guarantee.

    I admit, at first I wasn't too keen about going with a Macbook over a Windows machine. I went that way because of the battery life, screen, and all the praise I hear from people in the creative field like me. But the service has been great. I like that there's an Apple store I can pop in to get it sorted which will not be going anywhere anytime soon, as opposed to a regular computer shop that could disappear at any time in this climate. Checking repair coverage online etc is also handy. Plus, using my dad's Windows laptop makes me realise how cheap and plasticky they are.
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    Feb 8, 2013
    Congrats. You were very patient.

    Hope you enjoy your new laptop.

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