iPhone XS Got a new iPhone Xs: couple of questions/issues


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Sep 18, 2007
Just got an Xs. At first I thought ‘wow’. Huge upgrade from my 7.

After a couple of days I’m thinking maybe not. Yes it’s a nice screen, yes the camera is great but it’s not that much snappier in speed.

I find that typing in WhatsApp or probably anywhere that the keyboard input to text on screen feels slower than my 7! Am I imagining that? Or could there be something making it lag?

Google Maps seems to stutter only ever so slightly. I can’t remember that happening on my 7.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very quick in swapping apps and generally using the phone is fantastic. There’s no fault or problem.

Am I happy I didn’t get an Xr? Yes. The smaller form factor of Xs is better given that I’ll have it in my pocket most of the time.

I’ve mentioned it already on the forum but I also got it for free through work!

Anyway, thoughts on keyboard lag?


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Nov 30, 2013
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My wife upgraded from a 7 to an xr and she notices little with phones, noticed the bump in performance.

If you restored via a backup there could be some corruption. My max (while it has the occasional odd stutter) has no lag.
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