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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Mabus51, Apr 2, 2010.

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    Okay, so my mac mini logic board died and no longer powers up. But I'm sure the hard drive is still good and I have my iTunes library files on it. Thank god my media was on a drobo :D Anyway I have an iPhone and I had purchased a couple albums on it before I knew my mini was toast.

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    I found a SATA 2 USB cable on Amazon for $20. If I purchase that could I boot my mini's HD on my new MacBook Pro (couldn't wait for Arrandale sorry guys) by holding down the option key during bootup? Just to sync my iPhone to get my purchased albums onto my external drive. So I then could add those files into my new iTunes library.

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    I could save myself the trouble and just buy the two albums again because the cost is the same. It also would be nice to export my playlists as well, but those are easily recreated. I am more curious about whether or not this would work? I'm having fun with this thing, I'm a Windows guy and new to Macs :cool:. I like too tinker with things because it's a hobby of mine and I learn more from it. :p Have any of you done this or have experience in this? Is it really worth the effort?
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    Boot normally and then plug in the Mini's HD. It should now be visible on the desktop so just navigate to your iTunes folder and copy it to your MBP's HD
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    Ok, tinker with that topic title. ;)

    Very uninformative, preview doesn't help. It's much better to tell us in the topic title what the thread is about. We already know that most posts contain a question.

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