Got a Series 4 SS for half off, but have been wanting Gold.

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by zooby, May 27, 2019.

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    I got an incredible deal for a new Series 4 SS Milanese a few days ago. However, I have been wanting the Gold Milanese for some time (goes with my gold iPhone XS Max). I think it looks great and I already own the S0 SS Milanese, so I figured I'd do something different. I am planning on giving my S0 to my dad.

    The gold wasn't on sale, and I can't exchange it at the same price. The S4 SS is shipping to me and I should get it by June 4. I see a special for the Gold in B&H for $-50 off AND I am in a tax free state. I figured if I sell it on Swappa new and sealed I should at least be able to get the $800 back, no? I guess I don't want to take a crazy risk, so maybe it is better to wait until I get the watch in hand, correct? how do I go about getting the Gold and/or where can I get the most for a new unopened S4 Milanese?
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    You will not get anywhere close to retail price selling it. The Apple Watch depreciates worse than any Apple product. Even brand new, people expect a steal to buy from a private person. It’s annoying as a seller, but I guess in a buyer’s mind, might as well buy from the retail store when paying full or close to full price.
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    I’d just keep the SS, you’re not going to make much selling it.
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    You’re right, I always have Purchased the stainless for the aesthetics and Sapphire display, realizing the resale value isn’t necessarily just not good, but ‘average’ Consumers generally don’t seem to care about the advantages to the stainless, where they would rather have the aluminum for the cheaper price point.

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