got a sony handycam as a present, a few questions


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Mar 6, 2007
hi all, my dad gave me a sony handycam today its a DCR SX30E, it's not HD which I'm not to bothered about seen my dad gave me it:rolleyes::rolleyes:
anyway a few questions, I'm using imovie to import and edit my videos and somehow I managed to create an HD movie and I can't remember how I did it??
can imovie really create an hd movie when the source files were not hd to begin with??
also why is there not an option to export to apple tv in hd? seems strange when most of us with apple tv have it attached to an hd tv.
anyone clear these up for me???
anyway here's a video I made earlier nothing to good I was just trying the camera out

the watch in hd option is there so is this hd or not:confused::confused:


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Jan 22, 2009
If you take something thats not HD, like from your Handycam, and it turns it to will look horrible.

You cannot make picture quality better than what it was when you recorded aka your standard def. footage will not be HD but stretch to fit HD sizes (pixels will be blurry/fuzzy).

I don't use iMovie or have it installed, but try checking the Import preferences or preferences in general.

EDIT: To clarify, iMovie might be converting your Standard def. footage to an HD resolution accidentally. It is technically HD, but the image quality is worse. Maybe someone else can help me word it better.

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