Got a white box replacement today.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mcdj, Aug 19, 2008.

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    If anyone cares...

    Up until 2 days ago, I thought my black 16GB 3G iPhone (2nd phone...first one had audio probs) was ok, not stellar, but ok.

    Speed wise, I typically saw downloads in the 300-400kbps range. (Measurements taken in and around NYC, using various speed test sites) One time and one time only, I got 1100kbps. And I think that might have been a fluke due to caching. I figured those speeds were just the way things are in a crowded iPhone happy town.

    I also had a light leak, in mutiple narrow spaces down the left side of the screen. It annoyed me to no end, but I didn't return the phone again because I feared getting something worse like cracks or no reception or boll weevils or something.

    2 days ago I met a neighbor on my stoop who had just bought a 3G. We compared speed test results. We both turned all superflous services off...location, push, email accounts off, wifi off. Multiple tests painted the same picture. He was getting 700kbps and up, with a high of 1300. I got in the 300s, with my highest being 475. About 5 tests or so total. Testing in the same spot, inches apart.

    Then we compared screens.

    I had been generally glad that I didn't have a dingy yellow screen this time (my first 3G had exactly that). But while my 2nd phone had a more neutral screen, it always bugged me that it never seemed very saturated. The blacks were a deep charcoal at best and colors were sorta washed out. The screen lacked punch overall. As a retoucher and photographer, this was always a thorn in my side, but again, I hesitated to return the phone for fear of getting something worse.

    By comparison, my stoop pal's screen was dramatically nicer. A bit warmer, but with deep blacks and rich saturated colors, but not dingy yellow like my first phone. Granted, I use an anti glare shield, and I know there is a slight reduction in contrast with one, but nowhere near as much as the difference in my neighbor's screen.

    Then and there I decided an exchange was (hopefully) in my future. I made a GB appt (for those in NYC...keep refreshing the reservation page...appointments open up for the same day when you least expect it!) for yesterday.

    The Genius was not so interested in my speed complaint. He passed it off as 3G being an "immature network", despite my play by play of the Front Stoop Speed Challenge. His recommendation was that I restore, using a freshly download firmware copy. I explained to him that I had done that, and that nothing changed. Sensing that we were headed down the "no new iPhone for you buddy" road, I quickly added that no firmware would fix a light leak.

    He took the phone and called over a manager, who was able to see the leaks, despite the bright lighting. An exchange was approved. Unfortunately, they were out of service box phones, so I had to come back this afternoon.

    As mentioned, I was a little nervous that the replacement would somehow be worse. I'm happy to say, so far it is not. The screen, while definitely warmer, is like that of my neighbor's, contrasty and saturated. The build quality is decent. No light leaks. No dust. No cracks. No boll weevils.

    Preliminary Stoop Tests show moderately faster 3G speeds. One test gave me 1300kbps, and it was not a cached page. I also got a few dud tests while walking, but the average seems to be in the 600-800kbps range.

    My one complaint is that the buttons are really sharp, like don't grab the phone near the buttons or you might get a cut sharp. I'm tempted to get the Dremel out and buff them down a bit. They also seem to stick out of the case a lot farther than my previous 2 phones. The bright side is the volume key does not wiggle like it did on my other phones.

    As far as refurb vs new (I know someone will ask)...the phone appears to be new. It is a week 28. No "K" in the serial. Not sure what if anything that proves or guarantees.

    On a side note, while I was waiting for the replacement to be brought up from the bowels of the store, a young girl was at the GB, getting a replacement (I assume refurbished) 1st gen iPhone. It struck me, as she opened the foam sleeve it came in, and lovingly ogled her fresh goods, how much more the 1st gen inspired oohs and ahhs, in myself, and those that saw it in my hand. The 3G is sleek and all, but IMO it is definitely missing a certain aesthetic magnetism that the Silver Slab had in spades. It was unique looking for a phone (the 3G looks like a T-Mobile Dash from the back) and unmistakeably Apple throughout. The 3G seems less like an industrial design statement and more like a soulless software delivery drone. I don't miss Edge and crappy sounding voice, but I do miss the 1st gen's silvery coolness, both social and tactile.
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    IMHO I think the 3G looks way better, even though its not metal it doesn't dent, it has a warmer feel if you ask me and its all one color. The one thing I hated about the 1st gen. was the silver to black B.S. wtf I dont see a white macbook with a black bottom, so why not make the whole thing silver. Others might disagree but that is my opinion on the matter
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    Jun 8, 2007
    Which week was your iPhone produced? It's the fourth and fifth number of the serial :)
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    Jun 17, 2008
    I bet it's new. They haven't had time to refurb yet.

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