Got an iPad 2, now what..............?

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    picked up a gen 2 iPad 16 gig wifi only the other day. I am a distributor of medical devices and one of the lines I represent has a full PDF and Quicktime iPad compatible data drop of the full surgical line viewable on the ipad using goodreader. Made it a logical choice to pick up an iPad and drop the filing cabinet of paperwork I was carrying before.

    That said, I know I am only scratching the surface of the capabilities of the iPad. I am posting this to figure out what direction I should head in, or where I should invest my app $$$?!?! ha ha

    Anyway, I have a full mac environment at home with an intel iMac, a powerbook and a gen 1 apple tv all connected with an airport extreme.

    I am pretty stoked on the new airplay coming out with iOS 5 but apart from that I don't really know what to use my iPad for. Here is what I forsee.....

    - drop videos and movies on it to watch while I am the road. Top Gear Torrents for those that know what that is.

    - browse and edit some of my pictures using ps express

    - use iBooks to read. Been doing that on my iPhone so logically will be doing it on my iPad

    - drop photos directly from my video camera (contour +) and cameras to my iPad to view and unfortunately not edit directly on my iPad.

    I see the potential for the iPad to be a true connection between my home network and my non home based network. I am looking forward to iCloud and iOS5 but until then what apps or directions do you think I should be looking at?

    - jailbreak the iPad and iPhone and tether the iPhone to the iPad? That is all I can really think of but I know the forum can give me some ideas to start playing around with.:)
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    First, buy a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones...
    Get AVPlayer HD (which allows you to easily watch avi, mkv or just about any other video file including 720p files on the iPad2 without having to convert it to quicktime and add it to iTunes)...
    Then, get Netflix...outstanding app...
    Then, get a subscription to The Daily...
    Get the Kindle app...
    Download a few books and magazines...
    Get FlipBook...
    Get Angry Birds Rio...
    Get iMovie...
    Get Garageband...
    Now you're all set to hit the road...:D

    When you come back from the road, get a SlingBox Pro HD and the iPad SlingPlayer app...
    NOW, you are ready to rock!

    (then, this Tuesday, download the new Skype for iPad2)...
  3. CultHero, Jun 26, 2011
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    thanks! this is what I am talking about! I have some of the apps listed above, like iMovie etc but will definitely be checking into the others. Thanks!

    PS. Also just discovered RemoteHD. What an awesome app! I am able to stream Pandora from my iPad directly to my hacked Apple TV. Sweet!
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    hahaha...just a few of the great apps for this incredible little many more...I'm sure the more experienced users will chime in with some great suggestions...:)
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    Mar 2, 2011
    Get AppStart and AppShopper, they'll help you find more.
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    I second AppShopper. Make an account and tag all the apps you're interested in - AppShopper will let you know when they update, and, perhaps more importantly, when they go on sale. =)

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