Got First Camera, Need help with Basics

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Sweener88, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Apr 27, 2006
    Hi there!
    Ok i just got my first camera a Fuji FinePix S 5200. I just have some questions on the basics that im trying to understand. First, What is the difference between quality modes 5M F and 5M N? If u have any good photography basics sites please link especially if they answer this question. thanks!
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    Jul 5, 2006
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    You should really always start by reading the manual. This is an easy way to grasp the basics and will teach you more than you think about your camera and its specific functions.

    Try the Fuji Forum at (Probably the best photography resource site on the net for reviews/tips/forums etc...)

    There is another website I frequent (I once owned a Fuji S9000/S9500) called: This is another excellent, Fuji specific site.

    Another excellent resource for me is photographers Ken Rockwells site: There are many excellent tips/tutorials although alot of it is aimed at dSLR cameras but does still apply to the Fuji S5200.

    To answer your question, 5MP N is '5 Megapixels Normal' - put simply, this is the second highest quality you can record on your camera below 5MP F (5 Megapixels Fine). It records the image at full resolution, but with more jpeg compression (so more finer detail is lost - although this is only normally noticed at larger prints and often not at all). 5MP Fine is the best quality Jpeg image you are able to record. It also records the image at full resolution, but more fine details are saved resuting in larger file sizes. Use 5MP N if you are limited on storage capacity, otherwise use 5MP F to record as much detail as possible.

    Lastly, I would advise not to be dissapointed if you don't get the best results with this camera from the beginning. It takes time to become familiar with it (same for any camera) and many images could be improved with some contrast/sharpening adjustements in a program like Adobe Photoshop/Aperture (Advanced), or iPhoto (Basic).

    Hope this helps,
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    f stands for fine i am assuming and n stands for normal...

    fine if that is what it better.
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    This is not a "photography basics" kind of thing. If is something very specific to your camera. I can guess... It has to do with how the image is stored, it's size and how much JPG compression is used. The details depend on the camera. Take some pictures that are otherwise identical except for that setting and look at them and check the file sizes on the computer after they are down loaded.

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