Got Lifeproof?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by blkonblk17, Oct 17, 2011.

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    I got this case for my new iPhone 4s and must say it's amazing. Thinner than the otter box and offers good protection. It's waterproof to 6.6 ft and also dust proof so no lint or debris getting into your ports or case hence not scratching the metal band etc. Overall, I think it's a good case. My only complaints are the the speaker phone is some what diminished but this is understandable considering it's a water proof case. I've had several phone calls and everyone has told me they hear me fine and I hear them fine as well. Also, you must use your original iPhone/iPod USB sync cable to charge. Anything larger will not fit the case without the need of an adaptor. So of course there is some pro's and con's but it's good to know my phone is protected against spills etc.

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    You will be surprised, You can still here the music playing quite loud while underwater. In this picture it was more for background purposes. But yea, it works. Great to take the phone into the shower and hear music without having to worry about wetting the phone or getting those pesky water indicators turn pink indicating water damage.

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