Got my first Mac: White Macbook. Thank you all for your help!


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Jun 6, 2009
Well, yesterday I did it: I bought my first Mac - after 20 years of being a PC user!

First impressions: I love it!

I posted a few threads here trying to figure out what to get, and in the end I settled on the white Macbook. Yes, a Macbook Pro would have been nice, but the MB has the best hard drive to value ratio out of the gate considering I was able to buy the machine at Micro Center in Chicago (thanks again btw for the tip!) for $800. I figured at that price point I couldn't go wrong. Even if I had to give up the SD card slot and not get some of the sleek extras.

In fact, I figure with the impending MBP update, and the way these machines hold their resale value, if anything juicy happens in the MBP lineup that I really want, I could probably sell this thing on EBay for little to no loss.

To be honest, I knew Macs were better, but I never could have guessed just how zippy this thing would perform - even on 2GB of RAM. And the interface is SO intuitive! Sure white isn't my favorite cover, but I figure I'll but a shell for it anyway.

So all in all, I'm very satisfied, and would not have been able to make as smart of a buying decision that I could have been as happy with had it not been for all the help I got here.



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Jun 25, 2009
Enjoy your MacBook, that is actually a very strong item, considering the price you paid. Great trackpad, good battery, plastic cracking hotspots eliminated...

It will serve you for a long time, if you don't want to sell it. Trust me, if you have a Mac that works properly and has so many nice features, you really want to keep it as long as possible.


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Dec 28, 2009
I envy first time Mac buyers. You really can't know what the experience will be like until you have one of your own. The MacBook is an awesome machine, and you won't regret the switch to OSX for a minute. Enjoy. You're part of the community!


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May 7, 2008
congrats :)

do think about buying the apple care within the next year... i think its worth it...
Second that. Amazon has them for 199.99 (as opposed to 249.99 from Apple) with no sales tax and free shipping. Or if you can get a student discount you can get them for 183.00 plus taxes from Apple.

You are right about the 2GB of Ram, it feels plenty quick. I also have a white Macbook (the previous model) and have been putting off adding Ram to it because so far it chugs along just fine. If you plan on using BootCamp you'll also notice that even with 2GB of Ram, windows (Win 7) can actually run pretty good as well. Eventually I'll end up adding another 2GB of ram just so VMWare can feel smoother.