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Jun 14, 2011
Wrexham, North Wales
So, I had my iPhone 5 32GB since launch day. Preordered from apple.
The issues I had we're :
1. Keyboard getting random black lines. Apps distorted when opening.
2. Phone calls. When making a call I wouldn't hear it dial out, the receiver phone would ring but then the line would be dead. Others phones tested ok.
3. Minor..I mean tiny mark out the box new..didn't mind too much, it was on the back corner.

So, seeing as I'd just paid £600 for this phone I thought I'd take it back.

The apple genius said about issue 1. Yeah mine does that, it's just a software issue.
Ok, so why don't all iPhones do it?
To which he had no response.

I asked about issue 2. He said, yeah mine does that sometimes, it's an operator issue. But other phones, same network are ok??

He then said, but I understand - let's swap it.
So, brings out the box..breaks the seal, out comes the new phone. Immediately I see ba scuffs down the right side of the phone, on the front - next to the screen?
So, that goes back in the box. He brings out another new iPhone. This time, it's a bad scuff on the side but on the flat bit - looked bad.
I said are these new? He said ye...that's why i got the white model.
So the 3rd iPhone he gets its fine, no marks - I'm on it now and I've had zero issues.
It can't be software as the fault for the issues people are reporting with those screen glitches. It's hardware. Take your back if your getting them.

I felt embarrassed inspecting new iPhones in the store...really shouldn't have to, for a £600 phone.


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Jun 16, 2012
The lines on the keyboard is widespread and it is a software issue. It only happens in the app store


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Feb 19, 2005
How can software only affect some iPhones & not others? That's balls.

How do you know all of the phones do not do the keyboard thing? It's a pretty widespread issue that needs to be fixed via software. On that note, how in the hell couldn't it be software related?

Your issue with phone calls, if the guy was saying it was your error then I don't understand but it could be an issue with the carrier and not the phone.

Your thread title sounds like yoda.


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Aug 12, 2010
I was having the keyboard issue. I was told not to restore from past back ups and to set up the phone as new. Since then I have not had the keyboard issue.


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Jun 15, 2010
Chicago, IL
I have the keyboard issue when texting. I'm not going to restore as new, why should I have to? My phone also had a nick on the side when I got it - I guess I will be calling Apple because these issues are starting to bug me.
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