Got my iPhone replacement today


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Aug 27, 2006
Well, I was having issues with the iPhone I bought here on MR. So I sent it in for repair. I am sure some of you know just how fast this is. You call, they send you a box which gets there the next day, you pop your phone in the box, it gets there next day, they do their thing and send it out typically it arrives on that fourth day since the call. very nice! Wish they were this fast with my Macs..

Anyhow, they decided to do a replacement. The replacement looks great, just like brand new. Interestingly enough, it had the 1.0.2 firmware and not the 1.1.1, which I figured they were pushing out. I am updating as I don't really care much to mod at the moment and the 1.1.1 scene is moving along anyway. Just thought I would share if anyone is maybe wanting a 1.0.2 you might have some luck in the repair cycle.

Also, My screen looks terrible. Even with the update. I have a 7 series, is it worth sending it in again? THanks.



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Jun 9, 2007
I have 2 iphones. One is a 5 series and the other is a 7 series.

The 5 series is brighter, and looks almost faded compared to the 7 series.

The 7 series is darker, yet looks kinda crisper.

Why does yours look bad?

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