Got my second replacement for proximity errors and

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Ohioisfolovers, Jun 28, 2010.

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    The apple store employee basically told me the proximity sensor will never get better. I told him that I've owned all three previous iphones and never had a single issue and he proceded to shrug his shoulders. Seems to me that Apple has no interest in fixing the issue, he told me replacing it would not help, but did it anyway, which was strange. The guy who replaced my original iPhone 4 said replacing wouldnt help but replaced it without a struggle, so I think they know the phones are all messed up won't admit it but will replace because they know its defective. So is there any hope the proximity sensor can be fixed with software or what. Oh and I know half of you will reply with
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    That actually should be an easy fix, they just have to increase the sampling rate of the sensors, the hardware part of it seen to be ok since it is responding to much of the events, it is the software interpretation of those readings that it is failing at the moment.

    The antenna is a hardware problem "maskable" by software but no fixable without a hardware revision.
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    my proximity sensor has been fine but i know of a few people who are having an issue. i would suggest going to a different store for an exchange, since it may have been a batch that are bad, and going to a different store you increase your chance of not getting a phone from the same batch
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    I've been checking the serial numbers and so far my first phone was from teh 22nd week, 2nd was from teh 24th, and 3rd and current is from the 26th week so the batch isnt the problem I guess there all having this problem. I don't have this problem if i mash the phone against my face and dont move it at all during conversation like a robot. Maybe thats why some of you guys dont have issues. Cool story bro
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    I'm also having the proximity sensor issue. Im hoping the fix comes when they try to fix the reception issue. To me, this is more of an issue than the reception one. I can still make calls on my phone, it's when it constantly hangs up and hits buttons and stuff that I have problems.
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    No dount they could fix the proximity with a software update. I personally have not noticed it being any different, but my GF is def having issues and shes had an iphone since the beginning. I should test mine with hers to see if they act the same. If it only happens on some phones then I don't see how it could be fixed by software though. If they adjust the sensitivity in software, then it would screw up the ones that are working right. I am basically waiting for this rumored 4.01 update, and will make my determination from there. If they fix the antennae issue and prove it was a software problem, I will keep the phone. If not, it's being returned (really don't want to though). I was waiting to see if it included anything about the proximity. Hopefully we will find out soon. I really can't enjoy this phone until I know I'm keeping it :(

    Edit: And oh yeah, cool story bro
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    Completely agree I didn't even bother mentioning reception the second time because I don't care about that. I've never dropped a call because of reception though it does kill my data (speed test was 2800 download to 280 when held with left hand). Hanging up on my friend 8 times in a 5 minutes while he is constantly facedialing numbers is ridiculous. The worst is when they attempt to replicate at the apple store and just hold it close to turn it off then jerk it completely away from there face. Do these morons not realize they will never replicate the problem if there not having a conversation :mad:

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