Got myself a 2009 Octo Pro


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May 11, 2008
is everything!
My 17" 3.06 MBP never left my desk and I was itching for an upgrade. I had thought I finally settled on an i7 iMac, but already having a 30" monitor made it seem like a bit of a waste. Plus I hate the super glossy screen and having such a closed system where the only thing I could ever upgrade easily was the RAM.

I started poking around but the prices were scaring me off, even for refurbs. Then I thought maybe a used 08 on ebay. That's where the magic happened.

I saw a listing from a pawn shop for 2.26Ghz Mac Pro MB535LL/A quad-core with 3 hours left, new sealed in the box for $2699 buy it now. I sent off an email asking if the model number was correct and got a quick reply that it was. So I went clicked thorugh the old bing cash back and managed to get my self a 2009 8 core macpro for $2499 after cash back.

The pawn shop was about an hour from me in Brooklyn and went to pick it up. Just as they said, it was new and sealed in the box. I opened it up right there in the shop to verify it was was it was, and it certainly was, with a snow leopard drop in DVD right on top. While I know its by no means an exhaustive search, I ran the serial through coconut ID and didn't get any hits that it was stolen (I called apple when I got home too just to make sure).

So that's my story, an 8 core 2009 Mac Pro for $2499, the same price as a Quad before taxes. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. I checked the warranty on and it expires a year from yesterday, the day I registered it. I dropped the X25-M from my MBP in there and it just freakin flies.. I love it!

I guess the "quad" in the ebay listing scared everyone off, even though the model number was correct. The thing was listed for 7 days and was in it's last 3 hours when I took the plunge.


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Oct 20, 2009
yea man i did the same thing a week or so ago with bing cashback and got myself a 2008 2.8 octo for 2500 with final cut studio 3, adobe cs4 design premium, and adobe after effects cs4. the software included alone would have been like 1500 so i think i got a pretty good deal :D i swear ebay is the greatest isnt it?


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Dec 13, 2009

Cool story. I was going to get the new imac but I'm waiting a month for i9 Mac Pro's!!:apple:
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