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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by jtalerico, Feb 8, 2006.

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    Okay, so I wrote a little cheesy program that allows a user to connect to their server (via ftp right now, thinking about making it sftp) grab a document (.txt, .html, .php etc...) Opens it in my cheesy editor (simple JTextArea() ). Then allows the user to save it, then upload it back to the server... Here is where i could use some help.

    My cheesy FTP thing does not have like real time view area... I really dont know how to explain it but like this... Say you want to change directories.. Well i have a JOptionPane.showInputDialog that tells the user where they are currently at and ask them where they want to be. If they hit cancel they will be asked what file in the working directory, if they input a directory it will move to that directory. What i want is to get rid of the JOptionPane.. and get like a JTextField that updates once the user inputs the directory they would like to be in.. And get rid of all the Pane popups... Any ideas??
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    Why not just use a JFileChooser? Or, instead of using JOptionPane, implement those things yourself in a custom dialog window that will do what you want. Not sure I'm understanding exactly what you want though... :confused:
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