GOW game released for iphone/ipod

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    In the Year 2621 resources on planet Earth are diminished, and drastic measures to find a new habitat are being taken. A group of Space Marines-(Special Forces Unit) have been sent to planet Zeebos, to secure a new environment for civilization relocation. Unaware that the planet is occupied with millions of aliens, you find yourself in what seems like an endless war for the right to call Zeebos “Home”.

    Spectacular Single Player Campaign:

    Stunning console like graphics, multiple environments to explore, all created with an award winning engine.

    Responsive and intuitive touch controls:

    Attack, descend, thrust, and navigate using controls that respond and mimic your favorite console controller.

    Unlock able Content:

    Destroy your enemies and collect their skulls to Unlock multiple environments to explore and conquer, Purchase New Weapons, and unlock achievements & badges to show your skill level.

    Here's what gamers are saying about GOW:

    xSNIPERx1987: “I luv GOW”

    FlukierShip: “I've been waiting for a game like this”

    Retro Wiz Kidd: “Best money I've spent in the app store yet”.

    NicTigre: “Striker! Bring da Pain!” “This is a must buy”!

    Keedy1992: “Instabuy”

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