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    Recently my iPhone 6s GPS accuracy has gone down significantly. How do I fix this? Is this likely to be a software or hardware issue?
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    It works properly when wifi is turned on but when it's turned off, on maps, it puts me somewhere about 20 metres away from my location and doesn't know where I'm facing. Is this normal?
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    Without WiFi, GPS data may be obscured by objects, buildings, mountains, etc. If it's putting you within 20 meters (that's around 65 feet) I wouldn't worry about it unless you're on the edge of a mountain cliff at night. :eek:
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    The best accuracy that pure GPS can give you is 33 ft. That's under ideal conditions. The Military gets the good stuff and theirs is much more accurate.

    If you're within 100 ft or so, that's about typical. GPS can not tell your heading when still. Heading is derived from the compass or your direction of moving travel.
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    I believe that better accuracy is available outside of the military these days, it just mainly depends on the GPS receiver itself essentially.

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