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    Got my first run in today. I left my phone behind to see how the watch would do. I was using the nike run club app and some loaded on music (powerbeats 3). My wife called during my run so I answered. When I did the call would not come through on my headphones. Not sure if it was cause I had music playing or not. It also shut down the nike running app. I didn't realize it would do that, figured it would be like the phone and run in the background but when I opened the app it started back at the mileage I was at.

    Now, after all that rambling, is there some type of settings I'm missing or is this just how it is going to be?
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    In the call if it defaults to the watch speaker, scroll down on the screen and you should see a button (don't remember if its bluetooth or the airplay icon) and you can select what you want to use like hitting Source on your phone during a call
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    Sep 16, 2012

    Thanks, I will try that next time. I did try to see if there was a setting but all I saw was the mute and hang up button.
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    Try Apple native Exercise app to see if it'll behave the same. NRC app is somewhat buggy.

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