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    I was at Best Buy and I saw that Microsoft had Streets n Trips that now comes with a USB GPS unit. There was also another off brand that had the samething. None of which worked with Mac of course.

    Does anyone know if anything like that exists for Mac?
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    Yes, there are a few programs that allow interfacing with GPS units. Link
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    Here's some pertinent news from Garmin, especially if you're not in a hurry.

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    If you have a PPC Mac, pretty much any USB GPS unit sold by will work for you. If you're using an intel Mac, be sure there are drivers for it.

    Also, check out for GPSd, a daemon for a GPS unit that will allow more than one application at a time to use your GPS. Many GPS-aware apps can interface with it, as opposed to reading directly from your device.

    You can also purchase a Keyspan USB-to-Serial adapter to allow your Mac to talk to a Garmin handheld.

    PM me if you need any specifics.

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