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    Hi Guys,

    Last week I bought a MacBook Pro 15 inch 2018 base model (2.2, 256gb, 555x). So far I'm happy with the computer. However, my main problem is the battery. After a maximum of 4 hours the battery dies, during normal use. Searching the web, with a few tabs open, have the screen on 70% brightness. Maybe a few video's on YouTube with Safari.

    Besides, I looked at the GPU History and it shows "AMD Radeon 560", but I have bought the AMD Radeon 555x. Can someone explain me why this is? See the image attached.

    Thank you for your help.


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    No idea about battery. Could be the sites you are visiting, etc.

    To see the hardware the Mac sees Try "About Mac | System Report | Hardware | Graphics/Displays" and see what Video cards are listed.
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    Thanks! In the System Report it says 555x, so that will be fine.

    Anyone also experienced the battery drain with the 2018 MacBook Pro running Mojave?

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