Graduating from iMovie 6, Final Cut questions

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    I did a search seeking to find whether folks like FCE 4 over 3, but couldn't find any. I've read macworld reviews about FCE 4 and how it lacks soundtrack. I began to wonder if apple pulled another iMovie 6 to 8 "upgrade". So, I'm looking for advice regarding what would be the best route for me.

    I'm a musician and will video my concerts as well as other events. I have enough friends with cameras that could get multiple angles. I'm currently working on some footage with iMovie 6 using 2 views and know it will be tricky to synch from one to the next and the audio. Hence, the interest in something more advanced.

    I've seen folks selling FCE 3 for around $120 and would consider it if I'm not really missing out on the new stuff in 4.

    Any and all thoughts appreciated,

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    Wait until WWDC is over... then purchase.... it is very likely that they are going to release a new Final Cut Studio... so I would wait... If there are no killer features/no new features that you'll use.. then buy FCS 3... if there are killer features.. then buy FCS 4... it's simple...
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    FCE is not able to edit Multi-Camera like FCP or other pro editing software can do, so it will be tedious there too.
    Here's a thread about some ways how to handle multiple camera angles in FCE:
    I have to say, that this way (the one described in the thread) sounds really, really exhausting.

    If you're a student or in any other field, where you can get an education version of software titles, I would advise you to get Avid Media Composer, as it can be had for 295$ (education version, the real one can be had for 2000$ and up), as it is able to edit multi-cam.
    I had to synch at least 500 tapes (2-4 cameras) with that software, it's not always easy, but in the end you get something like this:

    On the left side you see the four cameras, on the right side and the bottom the result of using those four cameras, in synch with audio and content.

    Avid has good audio editing/manipulations applications, but it is always best to use an external audio software, to get the fine things done.

    For example we give our entire audio (when edited) to a sound production house, that uses Pro Tools to do all the finer tweaks and sound effects.

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