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Grandfather bought MacBook, needs 'tutoring'...


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Jul 3, 2011
For the new switcher go with a book Mac OS - Catalina Missing Manual because it has searchable on any Mac question he has on his Mac and will teach you some new Mac tricks[/url]!

Also print out the Apple support document Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for him!

The "Missing Manual" by David Pogue was one of my first purchases when I switched to OS X (predecessor to macOS) back in 2005 - OS X Tiger. Was an awesome resource... and Pogue has continued to update this for each subsequent version of OS X/macOS. Highly recommended to anyone making the switch.


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Oct 15, 2005
The Paps of Glenn Close, Scotland.
Big Sur and the matching iPhone icons should make the whole a lot more familiar and comfortable for him so he'll concentrate on using it, not getting flustered about finding stuff and reverting to windows.
When the Skeuomorphism was stripped from iOS I really felt it left a lot of the older generation behind, hopefully Big Sur goes a way to returning what was lost.

Clix Pix

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I don't bother with the gestures on my Magic Mouse II, I pretty much continue to use the thing just the same way I used older mice years point, highlight, click on the desired area and so on. I'd much rather use an Apple BT mouse than a third-party device which has some extra doohickey that needs to be plugged into one of my ports. No thanks!
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