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    Granet presents: Octo's Tales

    What would a frightful octopus pirate do, if he gets attacked from an UFO? He would shoot him down!

    Granet Entertainment is happy to present his brand new game for the iPhone and iPod touch systems. In Octo's Tales you wil take conrtol of Octo the octopus, frightful pirate, to free him from the manace of the UFO and his strange objects. Defend your sailing ship, take advantage from the UFO's obstacles to shoot the most foes down, catch up bonuses to improve Octo's cannon or to stop the time for a while. Beware the UFO's fool: bonuses can turn in malus sometimes.

    With the innovative and intuitive control system you can control Octo's movements, fire your cannonballs in every direction with just one finger.
    Get on the Arcade Mode and put the UFO in flight level by level.Need more challange? Prove yourself in the Survival Mode to get the highest score in a never ending challange.

    • An angry octopus pirate, how would you feel if an UFO will suddenly attack you?
    • Funny and coloured graphic art, exciting background music
    • Amazing phisics: the misterious UFO's objects and cannonballs will respond to phisics rules....unless UFO decides so.
    • Unique control system: with just one finger you can pick up bonuses, move Octo and shoot everywhere. Comfortable gameplay in every place.


    On App Store: http://www.itunes.com/app/octostales
    On YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fobMUWBYbiA

    We would be very pleased if you would play the game and leave comments, reviews and such on the application store.

    Promo Codes:


    For more promo codes, just pm me. Thank You All
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    In a land far, far away...
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    JFNPAKAWPWLR used. Will definitely review once i played it. thanks.
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    Jan 20, 2009
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    XEPMRLENAAHT used. Will post review once i've played.

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