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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by ghostchild, Apr 14, 2008.

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    so at my university there was an opening for a graphic design position and since the description said it was also a marketing position I signed up becuase I am a business major. The problem comes when:

    - first offical job, but job seems pretty laid back so how do I dress for an interview?

    - photoshop was a hobby, I know the INS and outs with my eyes close and self taught, but they want a portfolio and I was given 24 hours. What do I show them? I
    - I only seriously shopped things for school projects
    - how many works should I show them if I not sure?
    - how should they be presented? I was going to but a plastic folder with slides in them and print my work out to show them they want a copy not a site
    - they want me to shop something for them on the spot, I want to use my own system so should I bring my notebook along to seem a little more pro since I don't really have much to show or even offical works to show in that matter

    I would reallllllly appreciate the advice from you guys I have 20 hours left to crank out a pro portfolio and I'm. Of too sure how to go about it...... Thanks.
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    Way to help.

    If the stores are still open, head out to an art store and pick up a portfolio. That way, you'll know what size to have your material printed at. If the stores are closed where you are, you'll want to use a "normal" size, so that you can find a portfolio binder quickly and easily.

    Pick your best works. No more than 10, probably less if all it is is course work/personal work. Focus on quality over quantity, even if you only have 7 or 8 pieces. Have it printed, or print it yourself if you have a very nice printer at home. Once printed, mount the pieces on black matteboard with a border filling out the rest of the dimensions. I'd shoot for at least 2" on all four sides of the print.

    The poster above me is undoubtedly laughing at the idea that you're going to have a professional level portfolio in 20 hours...but I believe you can get what perhaps might be close enough with what you have– of course, without having seen your can at least be presented nicely.

    Is your competition fellow students or are they looking outside of the school as well? If nothing else, these 20 hours will be a fun exercise for you. :) Good luck.

    EDIT: More thoughts...Suit and tie for the dress code, and if you're bringing your computer with you, be sure to clean up the bag/case you'll be using, the computer itself, and the desktop. Less is more. Get rid of just about everything in your bag so that it looks clean, make sure to wipe the ice cream stains off the computer itself, hide all your desktop icons in a folder, and nix the bikini version of Eva Longoria.
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    Jun 17, 2007
    Thank you so much I'm printing them right now looking good
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    ghostchild, good luck to you, I hope you land the position. I really like the "go for it" attitude you have, and if it comes up in the interview how much time you took to prepare after seeing the job posting, they might also be impressed. But don't bring it up unless the interviewer does. ;) Life is full of opportunities, and those who have the courage to jump on them are the ones who do great things. I imagine many people would have thrown their hands up and decided there wasn't enough time/experience/etc. to even attempt, so due props, and I wish you the best. :)
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    well guys wish me luck just put it all together and still plenty of time to rest and sleep well tonight :)


    I will elaborate further tomorrow and tell you guys how it went thanks all!
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    What about your illustrator and indesign work? Do they not want a proper graphic designer?
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    Sep 23, 2003

    You know, it makes me chuckle a bit at this post. Especially since just last night I read the part in "How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul" where the author said that REAL graphic artists, even under the tightest of deadlines, will almost always be willing to help out those trying to get a start in the field. Even if that help is only a few kind words and some direction.

    *Congrats to all the real designers in the thread.

    As for the OP, the folio looks good. Good Luck in tomorr .... well in today's interview.
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    Not wishing to sound negative, but ... it is quite unlikely that they're only going to want Photoshop skills, and you can't blag it with InDesign, Quark or Illustrator - you actually have to know what you're doing.

    If their requirements really are for someone primarily using Photoshop, then the best of luck to you. Otherwise, you may be in for a nasty surprise.


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    alright guys I just want to say thanks to everyone that gave sound advice not only to me but to others who are in similar situations. So here is the "lessons learned" talk....

    - the night before I was so concentrated on the folio that I forgot that it was an interview too so I was caught wayyyy off guard when I was thrown into the conference room not knowing what to say
    - during the interview I babbled but not long enough to bore them and I sometimes answered them in short one liners which I thoughwas veryyyy bad when the ultimately look at their notes and decde who to pick for the job
    - I don't think i gave them much of a wow factor until I showed my folio but before I did that I reminded them that photoshop was my hobbie and I loved dong it
    - I tried to sound confident but not too cocky.
    - I thought that the flyer they had me do on their PC was alright

    So now I have to wait till the end of the week to know what's up again thanks all

    PS. Now I know why I use a mac with cs3 and not XP with ps7 .............. :)

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