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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Blondie769, Jun 19, 2007.

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    May 29, 2007
    okay so, I've just switched to Mac and my iMac doesnt have a decent graphic editor, and my old ones from disks aren't compatible with Mac, so I've been searching the web for a free software, something like windows "Paint", but the couple i found are not that great and I can't paste images or screenshots* which i need. Im about ready to spring for buying some software, so does anyone know a good graphic editor that you can paste screenshots in that's Mac-compatible? or a free software if you know of one? or any tips, ideas, or notes on macs and graphic editors would be extremly helpful.. thanks!

    *in case you dont know what screenshots are, its where you push a button and you've coppied a picture of you're entire screen, which you can paste in a graphic editor. they can be extremly helpful and i need them for things i do on my computer. I know for a fact you can get screenshots on Macs because it works on my dads mac and the people at the apple store told my dad you can do screenshots.

    If you have any questions that would help you help me or about screenshots or w/e please ask!
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    Jul 11, 2006
    have you tried seashore or the gimp, they are both free programs so I would reccomend trying them before paying money for something.
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    I wouldn't even call Paint an acceptable enough editor for screenshots. But that's me.

    What features are you looking for, exactly? Preview has very basic image editing capabilities. You can sharpen, crop, and save as JPEG with specific quality settings.

    Additionaly it might depend on what you're using these screenshots for, because unlike Windows' "Print Screen" which only copies a picture of the screen, on Mac OS you can capture a screenshot that gets saved as a PNG file to your Desktop. So if all you need is a simple file, you don't need any additional apps. You don't even need one to crop, because you can take "selective" screenshots by pressing Command-Shift-4 and then dragging and selecting the area that you want. OR you can also press Space at this point to automatically capture one entire window (transparency included, if it has any!).

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