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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jnette, Dec 29, 2007.

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    Hi there. :)

    My son and his GF just gave me her old graphite SE for Christmas. I've been wanting a laptop for EVER.
    My PC is Windows, and I've been very impressed with macs since my son got his new top of the line MacBook a couple years ago. His GF has always had macs as well, and when she bought her new one a few years ago, she just held onto her old clamshell as a back up in case she needed it.

    My question is this.. are there any user manuals online to look at? Any websites which might have one in PDF format? I am still trying to learn how to best use this laptop and familiarize myself with the system.. how to do what and when. His GF no longer had the manual, so I'd sure like to find some info somewhere. It's the 466 mhz firewire SE.

    Thanx so much!
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    wow what a gift.

    Those iBook were definitely beautifull machines. A little slow if you compare to new machines but good enough to do regular computing.

    I envy you ...
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    wow. you guys are quick ! :D

    Thanx so much for your responses. :)

    Yes, it's an old laptop, ;) but suits my needs perfectly for what I will need it for. I'll continue using my PC for all my usual and "major" stuff, but the laptop will come in handy when I travel, or if I just want to browse and surf out in the back yard in the summer. I believe it's the osX.. pretty sure.

    My mom comes to stay with us for the summer months.. she has major Alzheimer and becomes very "needy" :rolleyes: after 3 pm.. "sundowners". She doesn't like me out of her sight at these times, so If I'm going to have to sit with her a lot, at least I will have my laptop handy to keep me occupied. That will help a lot. Last summer I had a hard time using my PC as it is in the back bedroom, and I never was able to "sneak away" much for some greatly needed downtime. LOL ! But now I'll be all set.

    I won't be loading applications on it, don't need it for "tunes" or movies.. just the basics on this one. Surfing and email. All the rest will be on my PC.

    Anyway.. you'll probably be seeing a good bit of me here as I try to figure this new system out. I want you to know, however, that when they gave it to me, they told me it did need one part replacement.. the DC in-board.. and a new (or used) battery. So I ordered both on-line and yesterday I tore the entire laptop apart using the "iFixit" website... replaced the DC in-board, and put it all back together again. Took me three hours, and I have NEVER torn apart a piece of electronincs in my life.. until now! And it was a total success!!!

    I was sooooooooooooo proud of myself ! Wooot !

    Couldn't believe I did that! Layer after layer, and a gazillion tiny screws and cables later.. and of course the part needing replacement HAD to be at the very BOTTOM of the whole thing.. couldn't have been just a piece near the top, oh no. :rolleyes: LOL. Anyway, it's done, up and running fine.

    Oh.. one thing I still need to look at, though... all the letters in the keyboard work fine, but the space bar and delete key aren't working. They worked fine for her before, so I'm wondering if there's an easy fix? Did I perhpas not connect the keyboard pins tightly enough, or misallign them maybe? I'll have to go take a look and see.. any other suggestions?

    I thank you again for your replies, will go check out the links you all were kind enough to send. :)

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