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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cambookpro, Nov 23, 2013.

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    Probably heard all this before, yet I thought I'd better share the great experience today at the Regent Street store.

    Arrived at 12:39pm for my 12:40pm Genius bar appointment, checked in on the app, and was seen by 12:50. The issue was that my lock button wasn't working (again), but it was out of warranty so wasn't quite sure where I stood.

    Genius was really helpful, he linked it up to their iPad wirelessly and saw all the battery info, dropped calls and other diagnostic info which was quite impressive!

    He said that all was OK, and he'd go out and swap it immediately under the EU Consumer Law/Sales of Goods Act. Didn't even have to ask!

    Got the phone, offered to set it up but said I'd do it at home - though meant I had to endure iOS 6 for a few hours...
    While putting all the info in, he was telling me about how someone came in with their phone that kept looking like it was scanning the screen all the time. He said it was an accessibility option that lets you control the phone by moving your head - I was sceptical at first, thinking I knew pretty much everything about iOS, but tried it on the train home and sure enough, could select apps and pretty much control the phone by turning my head left or right!

    Anyway, signed one piece of documentation and was out the door by 1:05pm - brand new (refurbished) phone in hand.

    All in all, a great experience that makes me understand why you pay a little extra for an iPhone. (Of course, it wouldn't go wrong in the first place in a perfect world, but oh well!)

    TL;DR: Great Genius, can control iPhone with head.
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    With head? :eek:

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    The upper most part of the human body? Yes?

    Why, what else did you think it meant... ;) :p
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    I'm glad to hear you had a good experience!

    I've had similar experiences in the past; had iPhones and iPads replaced on the stop under warranty due to fairly minor (but significant) issues. I'm quite pleased to see that things have changed with the whole EU Consumer Law stuff coming into light in the past year or so.

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