Great Apple store in Charlotte NC!!!!!

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by d_saum, Oct 28, 2007.

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    Hey all... I just had to share this story since I recieved such great customer service today:

    The plastic on the Macbook in my sig has been cracking on the sides of the palm rests. On one side, its by the first USB port, and on the other, its half way down the palm rest between the keyboard and the front of the Macbook. So being that I had it sent in a while back, I figured I'd call Apple and see if they would fix it since the cracks were getting quite bad and pieces were starting to break off. So, after sitting on hold for about 30 minutes, I get through and they tell me that I have to bring it to a Mac Genius and let them make the decision. Ok... off I go.

    I make an appointment online, and head on out. I get there with one person in front of me and have to wait about 10 minutes.. no biggie. (actually, the Apple store here in Charlotte was JAMMED with people... I swear walking halfway through the mall it looked like the busiest store in the place) They call my name and I step up to the counter, tell the guy about the plastic and he says "no problem, we can do that in store, but our guy is kinda busy so you'll have to pick it up tomorrow". At that point I was amazed and ecstatic and figured I'd ask him if he knew how to reset my battery. My Macbook was bought when they first came out.. so.. it's.... I dunno... a year and half old at least? So I ask Anthony (the Genius) "Hey man, is there a way to reset the batteries because mine doesnt hit the reserve and go to sleep, it just completely shuts the Macbook off, and I've done the Power management thing where you take the battery out and hold the power button for five seconds, but no luck" to which he replies, "Ok, I'll just give you a new battery". What???? Are you serious??? I am literally dumbfounded at this point. This is the kind of service that will keep me an Apple user forever.

    In addition to that.. while he's typing the paperwork up, I say to him "can I ask one more question?" and says "sure, shoot". So I show him my iPhone and say "I dont know how I did it, but I put a pretty good scratch in the screen... is there anyway to get that out or fill it in???"

    to my complete and utter amazement he tells me he'll give me a brand new phone. WTF???? is this some sort of joke? No company gives THIS good service unless you spend millions of dollars... right? So he then asks when the last time I sync'd the phone was and I tell him about a week ago. He then says that tomorrow when I come in to pick up the Macbook, Just to sync it right there and get the new iPhone. Amazing... truly amazing. So.. new iPhone + fixed Macbook = extremely HAPPY customer for life :D
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    awesome story! do you have applecare on your macbook?

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