Great article on Apple from MG Siegler

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Rogifan, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Nov 14, 2011

    Great article on the current state of Apple from MG Siegler. I especially like what he said about iOS 7: "You have to laugh at some of the design quibbles. Again, they did this whole thing in six months! That’s remarkable. The next three months will be all about polish. It will get there."

    For me this was one if the best WWDC keynotes in a long while. You get the sense Cook & Co. are really coming into their own and stepping out of the shadow of Jobs. Cook and Federighi were the best I've ever seen them on stage. Federighi worked the stage like a pro but didn't come off as smug at all (like Forstall sometimes did, IMO). Cook tied everything together with his version of "think different". Yeah iOS 7 is polarizing and might not be ready for prime time yet, but completely changing up the entire OS in 6 months certainly isn't playing it safe (which is what Wall Street and others have accused Apple of). I like this new Apple and somehow I think they will get the last laugh. :)
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    If Apple ever experiences major brand erosion, MG Siegler and Jon Gruber are gonna have nothing to live for
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    I'm guessing you've never followed Grubers twitter feed during baseball season.

    Makes it look like he's a baseball fan with a casual interest in Apple. Lol
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    Even the article author writes with questionable quality, this time he is right. It was the best main keynote I've seen in years. It seemed everyone was genuinely happy in the products they made. And the intro video just capped it off. And basically told everyone why Apple is so different to everyone else.

    They played that save video at the beginning of the developer keynote too. And sure that keynote is a lot less hyped but they were so happy to be sharing the developer features of 10.9/iOS7 and Xcode 5. I've not seen Apple this happy to be on stage since long before Jobs death.

    And yes APple changed iOS radically in 6 months. But that's what Apple does. Removing the floppy drive, removing the optical disc drive, the iPod the new Mac Pro etc etc and now iOS7. Apple is always taking risks. And they (for the most part) pay off cause they are well thought out. And this iOS7 is very well thought out. And I am sure once Apple get developer feedback on it, and incorporate that back into the OS, the OS will be even better for it.

    "Can't innovate my ass" I think that applies to everything in the keynote. Sure a little less for OS X as it was more little changes then a few major changes but still what Schiller said is very true.

    Most of here have placed our bets with Apple through buying Apple hardware and using Apple OS/software. And after this WWDC, I personally think I made the right choice. I don't care what the share price is. Apple is still innovating with amazing things, still rolling in the money mountains (and a crazy high profit per dollar revenue earnt) and most importantly Apple seems happy to be doing what it does best.

    You can not ask more from any company.
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    Very good article. Going to be an interesting Fall with the OS X Mavericks and IOS 7 rollouts.
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