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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by LPZ, Sep 28, 2008.

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    Jul 11, 2006
    Just have to share this. I bought a MacBook in January. About a month ago I noticed a very small defect in the screen. I took the computer to the Genius Bar and a genius decided there was a tiny crack in the lcd unit. It was really quite small, just a short diagonal mark that was almost invisible, except that it was located near the center of my screen. I had been polite, and had simply asked for a diagnosis. The genius told me that the policy is not to repair very minor defects in lcds. But then he noted the excellent condition of my machine, and said that if this were his computer he'd want that lcd fixed. So he authorized a complete lcd replacement, all under warranty! But it gets even better. He told me that they were currently backlogged, and that if I left the machine for repairs then it might take 5-7 days. He suggested that I wait a week, and they would order the new lcd and give me a call. Well, one week later I got the call, and I dropped off my computer yesterday at 10 am. I was asked at that time if I understood that the work might still take 3-5 days.

    I got a call today at 11 am, saying that the repair was done. Not only is my screen free of defects, but the quality of this new lcd seems even better than my old one. Brighter, with more even backlighting.

    Way to go. Hats off to the Lehigh Valley Apple Store!
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    yeah some of the Geniuses are very good and know what they are doing, and others wont accept anything you say against apple, I had a similar situation to you, my macbook went in for repair for a keyboard broken key, I told the Genius that I was never happy with the screen as it way the Samsung panel that was of poor quality well documented on these forums and that the bottom case had scratched far too easily even though I used a shield.

    Anyway I tried to explain these issues to the Genius and he point blank refused to accept them as defects , we even compared my macbook to a shop floor one which looked a lot brighter and clear but no the Genius said he could not see anything ! :mad:

    Anyway I went ahead with the repair ,when I went to pick my machine it was scratched to hell and the wireless on the new logicboard they put in was busted.

    Finally I got lucky a manager came over and I explained my issues , he didn’t argue or say anything , he said very sorry sir leave you machine with me, and I will authorize the replacement of the logicboard,casing and screen.

    I just got a call to say its ready :D

    Apple is funny company , when their customer service gets it right they do so excellently but when they get it wrong, boy it will drive you mad
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    Its good to hear of a positive story. Usually the forums are filled with negative threads so this is enlightening. Glad to hear of yall's success.
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    I agree. All we hear about are the bad experiences people have but hardly any of the good ones. I love reading the good stories. Congrats and good for you!!!!

    Every company has it's good and bad experiences, Apple just seems to get more flack from the bad ones. I've never had anything but positive things happen. From a free iPod Nano to a very easy iPod classic replacement.

    I sent my wife to the Apple store with a print out of what I did to troubleshoot the problem I was having with my iPod Classic. She explained what was going on and he started to ask some questions, she handed him the paper and he read it and said "Well, looks like he covered everything, here's your new iPod" and he showed it to his buddy and they both laughed. When she asked what was so funny they told her, that I made their job easier and instead of a direct replacement they asked her for her choice of colors (we had a silver) and she took the silver one anyway. She said they were very nice and helpful.
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    Definitely know what you are saying

    AppleCare in my eyes was absolutely awesome a couple of weeks ago, and then I got a problem with my optical drive. I have had 5 different experiences with AppleCare, all with different outcomes.

    1.) Computer shipped with a defective HD, replaced in 4 days, wonderful experience.

    2.) Noticed issue with LCD, fixed in 3 days including shipping, amazed with AppleCare.

    3.) Battery health went to poo, Apple sent me a battery, but I had to twist an arm.

    4.) Optical Drive started to scratch media, drive making horrible noise while spinning the disc. This issue has had Apple try to fix it twice, and I have been without the computer for almost 2 weeks. I called earlier today, I have been issued a replacement.

    Now I am just waiting to see if new ones come out on the 14th, because I have 30 days until the replacement order is no longer valid. I want the new MacBook PRO!!!

    Side Note: I am having problems with my iPhone's home and sleep/wake buttons, as well as the screen. Round one with the iPhone team!

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