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Discussion in 'iPad' started by BizRunner, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Jul 13, 2009
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    So I purchased the new iPad yesterday, and some advice on apps would be nice! Just post your favorite apps, whether it's games, productivity, free or paid.
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    Feed Me

    Jan 7, 2012
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    Star Walk
    Galaxy on Fire 2 HD
    World Of Goo

    None of the above are free, but you won't regret buying any of them.
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    Reeder for "news" RSS feeds.
    Flipboard for "magazine" style RSS feeds. (image–heavy sites etc.)
    Instapaper for reading saved articles. (either sent from Reeder, or the browser)

    Magical Weather seems to have the most accurate forecasts for my country (United Kingdom) most weather apps seem US-centric. I don't know whether their data source is good for global forecasts or not.
    Instacast HD is my preferred app for Podcast downloading/listening.
    This American Life is a great show, and the app gives you access to the archive which are paid tracks on iTunes. (you can either stream them, or save 3 at a time to the app) Looks pretty ugly right now though, as it's not retina.

    Snapseed was my favourite image editor until recently. Now I'm leaning towards iPhoto, which is a bit slower, but I like the results I'm getting from it.

    There have been a number of new text editors for iOS released in recent months, but my favourite one simply for getting words down on paper, is still iA Writer. It is the best looking app in my opinion, and gets out of the way, without any settings to fiddle with.

    That said, I don't like how it handles Dropbox syncing. You can't set a default folder, which slows things down a lot. Plaintext has had the best Dropbox syncing from any of the apps I've tried, but I don't like writing in it.

    For editing text, I prefer to use Phraseology, because there's no better way on iOS to move text around or get detailed statistics on what you've written. I don't really like how it looks, the font options given, and there's no Dropbox sync at all yet though.

    The number one game I would recommend, is SpellTower. I've spent a ridiculous amount of time playing that, and it's great fun to play the puzzle mode with other people. (either sharing the screen, or using AirPlay to send it to a TV or Mac) I'd recommend this whether you think you enjoy word-based puzzle games or not.

    I would also be recommending Ascension which is a great card game, but it hasn't had a retina update. It doesn't change how the game plays, but it's surprising how quickly you get used to retina art, and it's tough to go back.

    My final game recommendation would be Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective which is on the expensive side of things for iOS, and isn't retina (but the graphics were already scaled on the iPad 2) but I really enjoyed it

    Oh, and 1Password of course, for password syncing between PC, Mac and iOS via Dropbox.

    Don't know that I would recommend Galaxy on Fire 2 HD. I just bought it a few weeks ago when it went on sale, and didn't have a chance to play it until yesterday. It runs terribly on the new iPad since the retina update. Very low framerate at all times from what I played.
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    Feed Me

    Jan 7, 2012
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    Taken with a massive block of salt, of course.

    It runs fine on my iPad 2. I've been hearing a few reports that the iPad 3 is stuttery in some places when it comes to graphics :( I hope this is something that can be remedied by tighter app development, and not a sign that the iPad 3 is a stuttery device graphically.

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