Great iPad Data Service Experience with AT&T

Discussion in 'iPad' started by BC2009, Aug 18, 2010.

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    Jul 1, 2009
    I know how easy it is to bash AT&T. This morning they auto-renewed my iPad data plan, and I had thought the iPad would give me an alert regarding my pending expiration on the data and ask if I wanted to renew. Apparently, the iPad only warns if you have set it to NOT auto-renew (i.e.: tells you when you are about to run out of data -- "iPad needs data.... badly..... iPad is about to die.").

    The problem was that I did not intend to renew the plan -- I only use the 3G data plan when going on vacation or out of town for business. I called them up and braced myself for a battle with customer service.

    My tension was immediately diffused by a very friendly customer service rep who happily reversed the charges for me and apologized for the inconvenience. So I gotta say that I was actually pleased with AT&T customer service. Hopefully, they are stepping up their game in preparation for losing exclusive rights to the iPhone.
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