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Jun 21, 2012
Embark on a fascinating journey to the town of Bremen with a new generation of textbooks! Bremen Town Musicians is a free interactive story book packed with exciting activities for preschoolers. The book covers auditory and visual styles of learning. One of the main book particularities is music. It accompanies you while you go from page to page and creates a unique atmosphere. Just with one touch of a finger your children can brighten up every single detail like flowers, musical instruments, animals etc. Tap the screen to enjoy pleasant and melodious sounds. Every page of this book can be easily turned into fascinating match three puzzle. Help our cheerful characters to explore the world of fairy tales!


- Enjoy over 15 unique matching games
- Reading experience for preschoolers
- Splendid sound effects
- Numerous enchanting and fun animations on every page
- “Read to me” and "Read by me" modes
- Colorful and child friendly graphics

Interactive storytelling

The main characters of the book are four animals: a dog, a cat, a rooster and a donkey. Since they are all bored with farming, the characters decide to form a band and become famous musicians. Be a part of the story and visit Bremen with our friends. There many colorful pages with easy-to-read texts. This interactive storybook will be interesting for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten kids. Your children can play guitar, drums and lots of different music instruments along with the animals as the story unfolds.

The book has a lot of interactive elements and, thus, turns reading into a breathtaking process. Kids will learn music, English and improve motor skills. A great number of mini-games help to develop creative thinking, attention and logic reasoning. Pictures are evocative and lovely, which creates the enchanting atmosphere of a kind fairy tale. It is a MUST have book for your children!

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