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    An open letter I found on (I'm not a big fan of the site, but it I thought this was worth sharing.)

    I hope Tiger is as good as this woman claims it is. She seems pretty effusive with praise...


    Dear Steve (if I may be so bold as to call you by your first name),

    I realize that I am probably violating some NDA by talking about OS X 10.4 Tiger, although I did obtain a legal software key from a bonified developer so that I could download the latest beta. Rest assured I will not publish any screen caps on our site, but I am going to publish this letter to you. I feel as though I must because Tiger has unleashed something in me, something that I never felt before with any previous OS X release. I am genuinely excited about Tiger, and I have to share this excitement with our readers because I want every single Mac user to rush out and buy this release just as soon as they can legally do so. Steve, you hit the jackpot with Tiger. You have once again changed how people will view an operating system.

    OS X Tiger is an achievement in a computer OS that will go down in history as the time when it all changed. Times where the engineers at Microsoft throw up their hands and say “Now what?” Everything from here on out will be judged by how it compares with Apple’s Tiger. If Longhorn ever ships it will be viewed as DOA simply because after so many years of development it falls way short of what Apple has done in half the time. Right out of the gate people will see Longhorn for what it is, a terrible attempt to do what Microsoft can never do, bring an Apple-ness to the PC user.

    After installing and using Tiger for the entire weekend I am convinced that this operating system would have never come into existence without your leadership. There are things about this OS that could not have been imagined by anyone other than a Steve Jobs. This is YOUR operating system Steve, something that you must have dreamt up in your wildest imagination and then directed your engineers to make a reality.

    Here are some of my thoughts about certain aspects of OS X Tiger.

    Spotlight – Sure, this is not something that never existed before. The idea of being able to find anything on your hard drive by way of Metadata is not Apple’s, however the execution of Spotlight is 100% Apple.

    Searching every bit or byte of a document is not an Apple idea, but displaying the results of the search the way Spotlight does is purely Apple. Tiger makes it easy not only to search every item on a drive, it makes it simple to choose the item you want. Whether your search result turns up a document, an application, or anything in between, the way you set it up to make it easy to find not only the search string but also the item in which is appears is absolutely wonderful. I will never again be in a situation where I cannot find anything I need to find.

    Dashboard – How did you ever come up with this? I remember some people on the Mac web saying that Dashboard was a direct rip off of Konfabulator, and to be honest when I saw the first iteration of it last year I too thought it was. But I see now that Dashboard is not a copy of Konfabulator, but rather a completely new way to access and use desktop apps that first appeared in the Mac OS dating back 20 years. And what a wonderful way to implement it.

    Dashboard will be the first thing people notice about Tiger, and I imagine it will help sell the OS to many people. But there is more to Dashboard than cool effects.

    The new inclusion of a 2nd dock, appearing underneath the Dock when you access Dashboard is genius. The widgets you have included in the latest beta are not only cool to use, they are useful as all get out. I feel as though Dashboard will become the most popular application for most Mac users.

    My favorite widgets (so far) are Weather, Translation, and Dictionary. But, I have a friend who’s husband travels every week, and the Flight Tracker is something she will come to depend on daily. It is amazing that with Flight Tracker you can not only find out if the flight you are waiting for is on time, but you can also see exactly where it is, how fast it is flying, and see a map of the flight plan. This will become a huge comfort for my friend, and you will have her as a loyal user for life.

    The Weather widget, with its animated display of the current weather is amazing. Sure, Konfabulator and others have a weather widget, but their execution is sloppy compared to Tiger’s. Every widget that exists for Dashboard is actually useful, and adds value to the Mac OS. Some may see Dashboard as eye-candy; if they do they miss the point entirely. When I got used to the cool rippling effects when launching a widget I was even more impressed with the actual widgets themselves. Real-time translation, complete integration into the OS, and the way it all ties in to make one totally encompassing user experience is just awe-inspiring.

    QuickTime 7 – Live resizing, sure it sounds cool, but only when you experience it do you realize just how cool. It is a nice way to show off the power of QuickTime, but hardly the biggest selling point. The real power of QuickTime is being able to watch a video at full screen resolution without any degradation in the movie. Hi-Def is beautiful in QuickTime, and the H.264 codec will change the way computer video files are accessed. Well done, Steve, well done.

    The new iChatAV – This was the first chance to use the 3-way video chat feature in Tiger’s iChat. Like every other Mac user when I saw the demo at MacWorld I thought you must be using the fastest Mac available to you (something we can’t even buy yet), an internet connection reserved for the rich and elite, and anything else you could get to make iChat run better than we’ll ever be able to do. Boy, was I wrong.

    Of course, the only way you can establish a 3-way video chat is if the other users are also running Tiger. I was invited to take part in a 3-way video chat by some others who were using the latest Tiger build. I dare say our video chat was every bit as good as the one you had on stage, if not better. (I am on a broadband connection) For the first time since buying an iSight I can see myself actually using video chat every day. No more stuttering video images, no more horrible colorcasts, and no more frustration. iChat finally delivers the future that we all imagined, being able to have science-fiction level video conversations with anyone in the world, for free.

    Everything else – Tiger is so polished, so refined, and so damn amazing that I cannot imagine every current Mac user not wanting to rush to the Apple store to get their own copy. From the huge improvements to Mail (no one will want to use any other client when they see how Mail has been improved), to Automator to the improvements in the System Preferences panel, Tiger makes Panther look like OS X 10.0.

    When I saw the first demo of Tiger last year I was less than impressed. You boasted 150 new features in Tiger and I just didn’t see them. I figured Tiger to be a minor improvement over Panther. How could I have been so wrong? It is the biggest, most ambitious upgrade to OS X ever.

    I hope that I haven’t upset you too much with my public display of affection for Tiger. I haven’t revealed anything you haven’t already made public, I’m just trying to relate to our readers just how incredible this OS is and why they should get ready to pre-order it when you give the word. This is one upgrade everyone will love, and happily fork over the price to play.

    I only hope that you have been producing some TV commercials for Tiger. If you really want to see a major jump in Mac users all you have to do is show off this new OS on some popular TV shows. Once people see what computers (well, Mac anyway) can do today they will look at their PC and immediately think about how much they might be able to get for it on eBay.

    OS X Tiger is the most important product Apple has produced since the iPod. I hope you realize this, and I hope you attempt to market it like you did the iPod. If you do I predict you will see a market share of 10% by 2007. Apple will have to turn out Macs 24/7 in order to keep up with demand, and Microsoft won’t know what to do. Not that Apple and Microsoft are in a competition, but the majority of computer users out there in the real world are using a platform that does not deserve such a large user base. I am not a fan of Apple’s because you have a cool logo; I use Macs because in every way imaginable Macs are better. Isn’t time you made that clear to those hundreds of millions of users out there that are using a tool that frustrates their life instead of enhancing it? Isn’t time people understood the difference between a Mac and a PC.

    With all my respect,

    Lisa Swanson

    PS: Last week a salesman came to my house to sell me something. When he wrote up the contract he pulled out a Dell laptop. He asked if I had a computer because he had a piece of software that accompanied the product I bought. I told him I did, and it was a Mac. He asked if I was a graphic designer, because “Macs are great machines for graphic designers.” I politely told him that Macs are great “machines” for any body that wants a computer. He didn’t believe me, isn’t it time to educate these people? - LS
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    Fighting to stay in the EU
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    Amazin. I'm fed up waiting now though... :D

    What happens with me is:

    Every OS upgrade.. I love it for months.. use it for a few more months.. then start getting bored of the system (cos there's nothing exciting any more. Really this is bad in a way because through Apple's fantastic engineering, one becomes to expect a really high standard. Admittantly, Panther has taken the longest time to get bored with so I cannot wait for Tiger...

    Plus: tigers are my favourite animal; i was born in the year of the tiger :p - This release was destined to be indescribably amazin'
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    I kept waiting for the part where she was gonna say that she wanted to have Steve's love child...or that she was already pregnant with it even though she's never met him...
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    I'm torn. Its always good to see letters like this, and it seems like a good, honest view of OS X and makes me feel good about the upcoming release. But I just can't help pausing at this sentence:

    I'm not a developer, and I don't know what the NDA says... but if you ARE a developer, read it and if it says don't post stuff then don't post it! Apple will have to sue you and then come off looking like a "big bad company" and Woz will step in and make all this media stink about it and make a few Apple fans dislike Apple.
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    Nice to see that Apple's marketing team have got time on their hands to write letters to Steve.

    After all, it's not like they're flat-out on any Mac campaign at the mo...
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    That letter is cheesier than a smorgasbord.
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    aren't they all.. aren't they all.

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