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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kgiglio2, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. kgiglio2 Guest

    So I decided to try something I haven't heard about yet...ask at&t's support page forums. I asked a question, and got the response I was looking for. He also gave his take on when the plan information will be released... We aren't all going to be stuck in changing out entire families plans and phones if you aren't eligible to upgrade yet.

    Me: Can I upgrade phone and sign a new 2 year contract on just my line (1 of 5) in a family plan?

    Kenneth_S: Welcome to the New AT&T Data Support Chat! Good afternoon I Understand that you would like to know about an upgrade and contract on a family plan?

    Kenneth_S: Yes you can each phone has its own contract.

    Me: So if I would like to, say on next Friday at 6PM, extend my contract, just my line not the whole family plan; I can do that, add an unlimited data plan, and upgrade to a new phone??

    Kenneth_S: Yes you would be able to get the iPhone on the new contract.

    Me: Haha and it wouldn’t effect the rest of my family’s plan….mine will just extendpast their renewal? And will there be any extra fees???

    Kenneth_S: No extra fees

    Kenneth_S: And your contract would be renewed

    Me: Thank you, and just to try, you don’t happen to know anything about iPhone rate plans yet do you?

    Kenneth_S: Not until that night we wont

    Kenneth_S: Are there any other questions

    Me: No, you helped a lor thanks
  2. applehero macrumors 6502

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    A grain of salt has been taken. Thank you for sharing.
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    Not sure why this is that exciting. I guess people who don't understand who phone contracts work might be confused, but yes like the CS rep said, each line has its own contract. Basically a family plan is no different from any other voice plan other than multiple lines share voice minutes. I fully expect to be able to upgrade my line on my family plan with no problems. If for some reason there is a problem with upgrading I won't have a problem starting a new line and then canceling my old one. That's the beauty of a family plan, you can have up to 5 lines.
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  5. kgiglio2 thread starter Guest

    the only thing with that is cancelling your line means you would have to pay a cancellation fee...add an extra about $300 to the cost of the phone...
  6. kgiglio2 thread starter Guest

    well sorry if a few of you knew this already, but there had been multiple other posts with people asking this same question, so I figured there would be a good amount of people who would like to know this. I understand a few of you might know this but I am posting to help those who don't, I don't get why you even respond if this doesn't affect you....
  7. Gonzlobo Suspended

    May 9, 2007
    We're on a family plan and intend on getting 2 iphones. I wonder if we can share a data plan?

    I'd sure hate to tell the wife she can't get an iphone. :D
  8. cmschmidt macrumors 6502

    Jun 15, 2007
    i'm pretty sure you can't share data plans. only voice.
  9. kgiglio2 thread starter Guest

    they recently released a family messaging plan where you can share a pooled number of messages (possibly unlimited), so you can add that; but i'm not sure about data

    buying one unlimited data plan and sharing it....doesn't seem like at&t would allow a loss of 39.99 hah
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    Not if I'm already outside my 2 year contract. Which I am. No ETF (Early Termination Fee)
  11. loudestnoise macrumors 6502


    May 31, 2005
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    No, I'm sorry, it just seems that many people have poor understanding of how phone contracts work. I'm sorry if I was a jerk.

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