Great place to get your iphone fixed in TX. All problems

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    Jul 20, 2008
    Just wanted to share with you guys my story. I droped my iphone in the pool while cleaning and went online to try and get it fixed. Apple wanted me to buy a new phone for 499$ :p .So i googled iphone repair in houston,TX which is where i live and got this place. Www.UPICOM.COM
    They do a lot of iphone work on the spot repair and they have very reasonable prices. for liquid damage treatment and a new screen they only charged me 125$ total and my phone looks new like nothing happened. :).

    if any one is houston and needs any type of phone fixed not just iphones and mac it looks like this is the place to go.
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    Or you could just pay $199 and get a new one that doesn't have the moisture indicators tripped.

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