Great RPG Battle Eternal (99 cents)

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    Jun 6, 2011
    BattlEternal <Out Now!>

    Version 1.1 released!
    BattlEternal - Rise of the Half Angel is a fully 3D, free moving RPG game.

    - Multiple worlds
    - Fun storyline
    - Talents Systems, Inventory Systems
    - Customize Skills as you grow in levels!

    Join the epic battle against good and evil!
    Fight to protect not only your world, but the domain of the angels as well as you travel to different worlds and time!

    Checkout BattlEternal now!

    Some in game screenshots ...
    Fighting Skeletons!

    Character Status Screen

    On a Space Ship ... (Could it be time travel?)

    Diablo Like Inventory System

    Thanks for looking everyone,
  2. trevorchandler thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 6, 2011
    Battle Eternal Part II Preview !!!!!

    Hey everyone,

    I want to thank you all for taking a look at the screenshot, I don't want to give away to much, but I will post a few more screenshots, and give you a little snippet of what this game will be about.

    This screenshot (Above) shows one of the outdoor scenes in our Game Editor
    (We use Unity3D for anyone who wants to know, it is excellent)

    - We are still working on the Water, trying to get it to run correctly, and a grass effect with wind blowing.
    - The key to great graphics is texturing. All 3D graphics are made up of Triangles, or 'verts' as they are called. The mobile devices can only handle so many before the games are unusable, so we take all our time to create the texture (the images that lay on top of the triangles) and make them as high res as possible to get the best look we can for mobile.

    This Screenshot (Above) shows another view of the city. Like said above, the really good looking graphics are mostly from high resolution textures, we are very lucky to have some awesome texture artists and modellers.

    They have created many of the graphics sets here
    Dexsoft 3D Models

    We are lucky to have our artists (Thanks Miguel and Rich!)

    We will post our progress, and for anyone that is interested, we will post other lower level information just in case poeple find it cool.
    (If you dont want to see information like that, private message me and we will stop posting at that level of detail.)

    Lastly, thanks a bunch everyone for taking a look, we are very excited to be working on this game and so far along.

    I know this post is long, so I will just add the game idea here real quick, or at least of piece of it.

    In essence, like battleternal I BattlEternal I - Check it out here ...

    There are Angels and Demons, Dragons, Elves and Humans.
    As it stands right now, the type of characters you can play are very unique, for example, you can actaully be a Dragon, however, in parts of the game where you are interacting with other humans, you transform into an elven player.

    Thanks everyone for looking,

    We will keep you posted as we make progress,

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and welcomed!



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