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    We all know them - Evernote, Plants vs. Zombies, Reeder and all the others. Sure, they're great but they are in every freakin' top apps list and yet there are so many great iPad apps that never get mentioned. Please contribute with your own "unknown" apps!

    MobileRSS HD - I just love this rss reader. Beautiful interface and great features.

    iTV Shows HD - Add the tv shows that you like and this app will alert you when they air. It can also keep track of which episodes you've seen.

    Battleheart - Awesome game. You command a party of four characters - knights, clerics, wizards etc. and lead them into battle against their enemies.

    Anthill - Help a colony of ants collect food and defend themselves against intruders.

    Constellation - Beautiful XBMC remote.

    iStudiez Pro - If you're a student you're going to love this one. Keep track of your schedule, grades, exams, homework, teachers and holidays. All in one beautiful app.

    Lux Touch - Risk for iPad.
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    Not so sure Battleheart is unknown. It is known, but I still think it's a little under appreciated. It's definitely one of the shining examples of a real-time combat RPG that allows you to control 4 characters at once, and completely is developed around the idea of the multi-touch interface.

    We're not even talking about something that is developed so it works well on the multi-touch interface, but can also be just as good with another control system (like some other games and conversions). No. This is a game in which the game design itself was made for and works best on a multi-touch interface.

    One of the more unknown games are some of the surprisingly well-design Rogue-likes that are growing in number on the system.

    One such game being Legends of Yore. It uses the same (freely usable) graphics package as Realm of the Mad God does, but it's a pretty clever package for which more play unlocks other classes and such. What's even nicer is that you can sign up for a free account, which links to the Legends of Yore server. Not that you need it to play, but signing up gives you automatic backup cloud storage of your saves and even keeps a running database of all your characters within your account, viewable from the Legends of Yore webpage.

    Powder is a little more known as a Roguelike, but mainly has its claim to fame on the PC. It hasn't quite gotten the same level of attention on iOS yet, but it is there in its full glory. Powder, however, isn't one of those games that immediately jump out as something that brings a great unique experience to rogue-likes, and thus the *magic* of Powder only shows up in all the unique situations that can happen during a good long session of gameplay.

    Zaga33, is the new guy on the block for iOS. It's strangely simpler take on Rogue-likes contains a very different approach to the gameplay. It almost approaches the idea of a turn-based action arcade game. It is as if someone took a Rogue-like, and meshed it together with the idea of Stern's "Berzerk" game but with power ups.

    Anyway, the more known Rogue-likes are (Sword of Fargoal, Nethack HD, RogueTouch, and 100 Rogues). All are good.

    There's one that has potential, and with a few fixes I would highly recommend. It's also among the prettiest rogue-likes there is, going all 3D with its visuals. *Pitman* The game has major potential, but has historically struggled with the glaring flaw of food distribution. Too much luck was needed to make it through and not die of starvation since it was too easy for the seed generator to create maps with hardly any to no food in them.

    All in all, the iPad is starting to turn into a nice system for Rogue-likes. Of the major other Rogue-like games which I would love to make it to iOS, it would be "Tales of Maj'Eyal", "Dungeons of Dredmore (Awesome Rogue-like just based on its unique approach to the character creation process, done in such a way that I wish more future games come out stealing that idea)", and "Desktop Dungeons".
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    May 10, 2012
    FlySmacker is an awesome iPad app and just released

    Has all the stuff you want except in app purchases. Addictive to try and Smack them flies without them eating the food!!

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    I would say Bard's Tale, it's not that unknown but it has seriously lower popularity than it deserves

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