Great way to close all applications with 1 click

Discussion in 'macOS' started by bmullemeister, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Nice, but the strange thing is, one does not need to quit all open applications when one just wants to put the Mac to sleep, as those applications are still open when the Mac awakes.

    That's the whole point of the sleep feature anyway, or at least why I bought a Mac.
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    Almost no need whatsoever for this application.

    1. Putting your mac to sleep suspends all applications. No need to quit them.

    2. Linked page says 'A great thing to run before shut down, to make sure everything is closed.' No it's not. Shutting down should automatically quit all applications. Anything that stays open has something to ask you, e.g. save a file.

    It would seem this utility might be doing a silent force quit on all applications - NOT a good idea to do on a daily basis as you'll lose unsaved data and also risk corruption of application data files (e.g. mail data files)

    3. The only time this might be useful is for some people who honestly do not know how to keep track of how many applications are running, or do not realise that when a window is closed, some apps still run in the background, and start wondering why their mac is running slowly.

    OSX is becoming better about swapping out unused RAM anyway and modern macs come with so much RAM it's hard for a learner to fill it all up. Rebooting once a week would be better for this type of person rather than downloading some dodgy force-quit-all-apps script.

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