Green and black blotchy stripes of unknown origin across 2 photos

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by GeeYouEye, May 24, 2007.

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    The other weekend I was shooting at my cousin's wedding with my D70... got some good shots, some bad, a pretty usual mix. Except for 2 shots, which had thick green and black blotches and stripes on them. I can't figure out where it came from. The photos weren't taken one after the other, nor was the lighting the same, and the sun was most certainly not in frame in either case. Has anyone had this, or something like it, happen? I'll upload the pictures when I get home, I don't have them with me.
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    Were you using any sort of filter? I don't know about the black, but the green could be flare from a fluorescent bulb for instance.

    FYI you can get flare without the light source being in the shot - that's why lens hoods are useful.

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