Green Screening with FCE and AVCHD footage

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by CTMoore, Apr 16, 2010.

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    I shot some video in 16:9 with a Panasonic HMC40 and when I try to place an image on the green screen the image goes BEHIND the video, (where the black bars are or where the 4:3 video would fill) I swear there's a step I'm not doing I used 4:1:1 smoother and applied the key.

    I'll try to get a screen shot, where you can point out my horrible skills at post production. I wish I could just stay in the studio.
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    I'm trying to understand what you're talking about. The key should turn your green screen areas black as well, then when you composite the two video tracks ( with video track that was keyed being V2 and what you want to show through being V1 ) it will show through any area including anything where there's no video but defined canvas space.

    Are your sequence settings correct for 16:9?

    So when you change your Chroma key filter display mode to "matte", what do you see?

    You might find this tutorial helpful:

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