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    I have a 2012 13" rMBP that has the black boot screen with white logo. Is it possible to get the older style grey screen with darker grey logo?
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    Apple did not intend for users to change the color of the boot screen. If you search on the Internet, a lot of people what to change the background boot color of older Macs from gray to black!

    Proceed at your own risk. If something goes wrong, there will be very little sympathy for you. Probably the least dangerous method (have not tried it myself) is explained on this site (look at post #19 in the below link) at:

    The file described is there for El Capitan.

    If you have El Capitan, you almost certainly need to disable SIP. Search "mac disable sip" on the Internet.

    In order to edit the file, you need to start a text editor in admin mode. If you use TextEdit, search for "mac admin textedit".

    The value in the post in the link is 0 for black. It would be 191 (base-10) or BF (hex) for gray. (EDIT: previously had the wrong number for gray color.)

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