Grey progress bar every time Mac starts up

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Dingo Dave 69, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Dingo Dave 69 macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2007
    For a while now whenever I restart my mac I get the grey progress bar. It takes 5 mins or so and then the mac works fine. I tried installing High Sierra and it failed constantly on install forcing me to go back to a time machine backup.

    The Mac appears to be working fine apart from this issue. Any suggestions what I could do to try and fix it?

    Also, I use iCloud for iPhotos and music. If I reformat the hard drive and start afresh I presume all my photos and music will be fine when I sign back in? I Use apple music and don't want to lose my existing library if i need to give this a go.

    Thanks all
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    Apr 21, 2015
    Planet Earth
    Download Etrecheck and post the log here as code.
  3. frank4 macrumors regular


    Oct 17, 2011
    If you have an external hard drive connected such as for Time Machine, try disconnecting it. I sometimes have a very slow boot-up (and also sleep wake-up) delay of an extra minute or so, and it seems to be caused by occasional start-up slowness from the external HD.
  4. Dingo Dave 69 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Oct 23, 2007
    No external connected at times it is happening. Full report from Etrecheck below and some probs highlighted with missing executables?

    EtreCheck version: 3.4.6 (460)

    Report generated 2017-10-16 20:39:57

    Download EtreCheck from

    Runtime: 5:47

    Performance: Below Average

    Click the [Lookup] links for more information from Apple Support Communities.

    Click the [Details] links for more information about that line.

    Click the [Clean up] link to delete unused files.

    Problem: Other problem


    Grey progress bar on startup everytime

    Hardware Information:

    MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011)

    [Technical Specifications] - [User Guide] - [Warranty & Service]

    MacBook Pro - model: MacBookPro8,2

    1 2 GHz Intel Core i7 (i7-2635QM) CPU: 4-core

    16 GB RAM Upgradeable - [Instructions]

    BANK 0/DIMM0

    8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz ok

    BANK 1/DIMM0

    8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz ok

    Handoff/Airdrop2: not supported

    Wireless: en1: 802.11 a/b/g/n

    Battery: Health = Normal - Cycle count = 485

    iCloud Quota: 104.07 GB available

    Video Information:

    Intel HD Graphics 3000 - VRAM: 512 MB

    Color LCD 1440 x 900

    AMD Radeon HD 6490M - VRAM: 256 MB

    Disk Information:

    ST9500325ASG disk0: (500.11 GB) (Rotational)

    [Show SMART report]

    EFI (disk0s1 - MS-DOS FAT32) <not mounted> [EFI]: 210 MB

    Macintosh HD (disk0s2 - Journaled HFS+) / [Startup]: 499.25 GB (35.82 GB free)

    Recovery HD (disk0s3 - Journaled HFS+) <not mounted> [Recovery]: 650 MB


    USB Information:


    Apple Inc. FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in)


    Apple Inc. Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad

    Apple Inc. BRCM2070 Hub

    Apple Inc. Bluetooth USB Host Controller



    Apple Computer, Inc. IR Receiver

    Thunderbolt Information:

    Apple Inc. thunderbolt_bus

    System Software:

    macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (16G29) - Time since boot: about 10 hours


    Mac App Store and identified developers

    Clean up:

    /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/OSServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/CSConfigDotMacCert -l ~/Library/Logs/CSConfigDotMacCert-dlaing-SharedServices.log -u dlaing -t SharedServices -s

    Executable not found!



    Executable not found!


    ~/Downloads/ ~/Downloads/

    Executable not found!


    ~/Library/Application Support/1Password/Agent/

    Executable not found!

    4 orphan files found. [Clean up]

    com.moneywiz.mac - 34 SPAM notifications [Clean up]

    Kernel Extensions:


    [not loaded] com.Belcarra.iokit.USBLAN_netpart (2.0.2) [Lookup]

    [not loaded] com.Belcarra.iokit.USBLAN_usbpart (2.0.2) [Lookup]

    [not loaded] com.RemoteControl.USBLAN.usbpart (2.0.6) [Lookup]

    [not loaded] com.mice.driver.Wireless360Controller (1.0.0d12 - SDK 10.8) [Lookup]

    [not loaded] com.mice.driver.WirelessGamingReceiver (1.0.0d12 - SDK 10.8) [Lookup]

    [not loaded] com.mice.driver.Xbox360Controller (1.0.0d12 - SDK 10.8) [Lookup]

    [not loaded] com.tomtom.driver.UsbEthernetGadget (1.0.0d1) [Lookup]


    [not loaded] com.belcarra.iokit.netpart.panther (1.6.1) [Lookup]


    [not loaded] com.belcarra.iokit.usbpart.panther (1.6.1) [Lookup]


    [not loaded] com.RemoteControl.USBLAN.panther (1.6.1) [Lookup]

    System Launch Agents:

    [not loaded] 7 Apple tasks

    [loaded] 171 Apple tasks

    [running] 107 Apple tasks

    System Launch Daemons:

    [not loaded] 39 Apple tasks

    [loaded] 174 Apple tasks

    [running] 106 Apple tasks

    Launch Agents:

    [not loaded] com.iteleport.connect.plist (? fd7df4a5 3e2ee278 - installed 2013-04-14) [Lookup]

    [loaded] (? 1da3bf73 be93c7fb - installed 2017-03-05) [Lookup]

    Launch Daemons:

    [loaded] (Apple, Inc. - installed 2011-01-06)

    [loaded] com.ea.origin.ESHelper.plist (Electronic Arts Inc. - installed 2013-02-27) [Lookup]

    [loaded] com.embraceware.awaken.plist (? 3b21b640 f9b8aff0 - installed 2008-09-27) [Lookup]

    [running] com.mice.360Daemon.plist (? 6ea3b505 2cbe131 - installed 2013-02-07) [Lookup]

    [loaded] (Microsoft Corporation - installed 2017-10-16) [Lookup]

    [loaded] (? 6d8cb30e 8b29c3ef - installed 2012-04-02) [Lookup]

    [loaded] (Microsoft Corporation - installed 2017-02-16) [Lookup]

    [loaded] (Shell Script e3fefdd2 - installed 2016-12-13) [Lookup]

    [running] com.sonos.SonosLibraryServer.plist (Sonos, Inc. - installed 2017-09-02) [Lookup]

    User Launch Agents:

    [loaded] com.adobe.ARM.[...].plist (? 7463b7c0 4c3208f2 - installed 2011-09-18) [Lookup]

    [running] (? 9d19e67a 2407553b - installed 2014-03-11) [Lookup]

    [failed] (? ? ? - installed 2008-07-07) - /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/OSServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/CSConfigDotMacCert: Executable not found!

    [loaded] (? ? ? - installed 2008-12-15)

    [loaded] com.dropbox.DropboxMacUpdate.agent.plist (Dropbox, Inc. - installed 2017-08-11) [Lookup]

    [loaded] (Google, Inc. - installed 2017-09-28) [Lookup]

    [running] com.spotify.webhelper.plist (Spotify - installed 2014-12-25) [Lookup]

    [loaded] com.valvesoftware.steamclean.plist (? d33747e9 595b762a - installed 2016-09-22) [Lookup]

    [not loaded] com.zeobit.MacKeeper.Helper (? f88cba6e 0 - installed 2011-06-02) [Lookup] - /Applications/ Executable not found!

    [loaded] de.metaquark.appfresh.plist (? 601d4eae 0 - installed 2011-11-03) [Lookup] - ~/Downloads/ Executable not found!

    [failed] ws.agile.1PasswordAgent.plist (? 6f077c6c 0 - installed 2013-11-19) [Lookup] - ~/Library/Application Support/1Password/Agent/ Executable not found!

    User Login Items:

    Magnet Application


    InfoPlist.strings strings file


    Mail Application


    Dropbox Application


    iTeleport Connect (5.4.0) Application - Hidden

    (/Applications/iTeleport Connect (5.4.0).app)

    iBetterCharge Application

    (~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/To Sort after mac breakdown/

    Calendar Application


    Twitter Application


    TomTomHOMERunner Application - Hidden

    (~/Library/Application Support/TomTom HOME/

    LoginItemHelper SMLoginItem - Hidden (Apple, Inc. - installed 2016-02-27)


    CloudKitJS Callback URL SMLoginItem - Hidden (AgileBits Inc. - installed 2017-10-15)


    Internet Plug-ins:

    Flip4Mac WMV Plugin: (installed 2011-01-13) [Lookup]

    JavaAppletPlugin: Java 8 Update 144 build 01 (installed 2017-09-10) Check version

    QuickTime Plugin: 7.7.3 (installed 2017-07-27)

    AdobePDFViewer: 8.3.1 (installed 2011-09-18) [Lookup]

    Musicnotes: 1.17.2 (installed 2009-02-23) [Lookup]

    RealPlayer Plugin: Unknown

    Scorch: 5.1.5 (installed 2007-12-10) [Lookup]

    SharePointBrowserPlugin: 14.7.7 (installed 2017-09-15) [Lookup]

    Silverlight: 5.1.20513.0 (installed 2013-10-06) [Lookup]

    iPhotoPhotocast: 7.0 (installed 2012-06-17)

    User internet Plug-ins:

    FluxPlayerPlugin: FluxPlayerPlugin 1.0.5 (installed 2011-11-08) [Lookup]

    Safari Extensions:

    [enabled] AdBlock - BetaFish, Inc. - (installed 2017-08-06)

    [disabled] Add To Amazon Wish List - - (installed 2013-01-21)

    [enabled] Evernote Web Clipper - Evernote Corp. - (installed 2017-09-24)

    [disabled] View in Carousel - Mobelux - (installed 2012-06-29)

    [enabled] Quidco Cashback Reminder - Quidco - (installed 2015-01-30)

    [enabled] 1Password - AgileBits - (installed 2017-09-16)

    3rd Party Preference Panes:

    Flip4Mac WMV (installed 2011-01-13) [Lookup]

    XBox 360 Controllers (installed 2013-02-07) [Lookup]

    Time Machine:

    Auto backup: YES

    Volumes being backed up:


    Time Machines Backup [Local]

    Total size: 999.86 GB

    Total number of backups: 79

    Oldest backup: 24/04/2015, 08:16

    Last backup: 24/09/2017, 20:38

    Size of backup disk: Excellent

    Backup size 999.86 GB > (Disk size 0 B X 3)

    Top Processes by CPU:


    22% WindowServer

    6% Twitter

    3% hidd

    3% kernel_task

    Top Processes by Memory:

    1004 MB kernel_task

    733 MB

    574 MB Safari

    459 MB

    387 MB

    Top Processes by Network Use:

    Input Output Process name

    10 MB 15 KB Twitter

    5 MB 413 KB

    4 MB 472 KB Mail

    4 MB 149 KB mDNSResponder

    283 KB 278 KB Dropbox

    Top Processes by Energy Use:

    26.88 WindowServer


    9.02 Safari


    3.60 Twitter

    Virtual Memory Information:

    6.84 GB Available RAM

    1.63 GB Free RAM

    9.16 GB Used RAM

    5.22 GB Cached files

    0 B Swap Used

    Software installs (last 30 days):

    SmartConverter: 2.3.2 (installed 2017-09-18)

    The Unarchiver: 3.11.3 (installed 2017-09-18)

    Parcel: 3.0 (installed 2017-09-19)

    SmartConverter: 2.3.3 (installed 2017-09-19)

    Parcel: 3.0.1 (installed 2017-09-30)

    Shazam: 1.2.4 (installed 2017-09-30)

    Evernote: 6.12.3 (installed 2017-09-30)

    Bitdefender Virus Scanner: 3.9 (installed 2017-09-30)

    Bitdefender Virus Scanner: 3.10 (installed 2017-10-08)

    Tweetbot: 2.5.3 (installed 2017-10-15)

    Pixelmator: 3.7 (installed 2017-10-15)

    Microsoft AutoUpdate: (installed 2017-10-16)

    Install information may not be complete.

    Diagnostics Events (last 3 days for minor events):

    2017-10-16 17:24:09 WindowServer High CPU use [Open] [Details]

    2017-10-16 16:51:29 High CPU use [Open] [Details]

    2017-10-16 10:28:19 High CPU use [Open] [Details]

    2017-10-15 12:43:08 Crash [Open]

    Cause: quicklookd seems struck trying to quit, crashing

    abort() called
  5. Rok73 macrumors 65816


    Apr 21, 2015
    Planet Earth
    You have a ton of software installed. I’d clean up the HDD, there’s not much space left.

    You haven’t properly deinstalled a couple of apps, it seems with all the missing executables. I’d download Malwarebytes just to be sure there’s no ad- or malware on your Mac.

    Maybe someone else can chime in here and help out.
  6. Fishrrman macrumors P6


    Feb 20, 2009
    My suggestions:

    1. Put an SSD into the MacBook. It will make A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. It's an easy job (ANYONE can do this) and a 500gb SSD is not a big expense. USE THE RIGHT TOOLS for the job, too. Go to to see what's involved.

    2. Do a fresh System install, then CAREFULLY migrate over your stuff. The idea is to leave old "cruft" behind.

    3. Do some "hard thinking" about what you wish to bring over and what to leave behind.
  7. komatsu macrumors 6502

    Sep 19, 2010
    As FM has said, an SSD is the ultimate solution here.

    But, one question - do you have a lot of folders stored on your desktop? (folders with more than 1GB of data in them)

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