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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by macbookpro..NOT, May 25, 2013.

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    May 25, 2013
    Hi there,

    So the mac pro has been acting up since yesterday eve. Today when I logged on, it got stuck on the grey screen and eventually went blank and died.

    So I reset the PRAM and NRAM as suggested from a site and it started back up fine.

    A while later whilst on youtube, the rainbow wheel started spinning and would not stop so @ 30 mins in I pressed power button down to force quit.

    When I tried to reboot it reverted back to grey screen again....

    Another suggestion was to go into Disk Utility Repair so managed to do that but realisd I didnt have the OS disk to put in but tried to verify the HD under 'First Aid', it stated that it needs to be repaired so I click repiar on the HD icon...I then closed out of Utilitys and it gave me the option to restart and I did...

    This time a bar underneath the apple on grey screen started loading and when complete it went back ot the usual grey screen.

    Powered off again...

    I have then tried safe mode reboot but the bar started loading and now its just stuck in grey screen..

    Is it stuck on the loading bar because of the utility stuff I did and if so is it not updating as it starts again if a reboot is attempted?

    Any advice please and thanks...even to get onto home screen again to back up etc...

    Any advice at all would be great..

    apologies for long winded tech shy vocab

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    May 25, 2013
    Thanks very much for the links but not getting anywhere...All I can get into noow is the Disk Utility, and it stated again that the HD need to be repaired so did that, then it frooze aftewards do had to force shut down.

    Its just gone back to grey screen again with a bar loading for a while.

    yikes....any other suggestions guys?



    ok, it just came back on....anyonen know why? what should i do? as in get everything off of it??
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    Jan 23, 2005
    Definitely. If you don't have a backup, make one right now. Just plug an external disk in an use Time Machine to make a full backup.

    What OS version are you on?

    Assuming you have not installed anything lately that caused this, it does sound like your drive may be going bad. The problem is Disk Utility often cannot repair the same drive it is booted to, so you need to boot to something else. Do you by any chance have an old OS X install DVD you could boot to, or maybe a USB key OS X installer.

    If you are on Lion or Mt. Lion you can try a command-r boot to recovery and run Disk Util from there. Better yet, use this tool from Apple along with a 1GB+ USB key to make a recovery key, then option key boot to the recovery key and run Disk Util.

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