grey screen of death PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by petz0ldt, Apr 16, 2010.

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    Dec 1, 2008
    Ok so about a week ago i was using my mbp when all of the sudden i heard a clicking noise and the entire thing froze up. So i figured the hard drive failed. i started it in single user mode or whatever and got a disk0s2 i/o error which confirmed my theory. the next day i brought it to the genius bar to make sure it was a hard drive problem before going out and buying a new drive. the genius told me i was right and should replace the hard drive. so not that big of a deal right? i have everything backed up with time machine this should be an easy 100 dollar fix.

    today my 500gb 7200 rpm seagate momentus drive came in the mail so i took out the old bad one and put the new one in. i booted from the cd formatted the drive and then preformed a time machine restore. now when i turn the computer on it goes straight to the grey screen of death telling me i need to restart my computer. i reset the pram, nothing. doesn't start in safe or single user mode and i cant get by this damn screen. does anyone know what is going on or can anyone offer some advice? im starting to get the feeling my computer is f#@&ed. guess maybe i might be learning the hard way not to buy an expensive mbp with all the trimmings and just go with the basic model, blah.

    thanks for any help at all with this.

    this computer is 2 years old by the way so no warranty.
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    If you have tried to repair the permissions (via the install CD), try reinstalling the OS. Time Machine restores are flaky at best.

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