Greyed Out iTunes match playlists while traveling. Please Help

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    So I started iTunes match this past week. I travel for work. I turned onmy iPad on the plane (in airplane mode) to listen to music and almost all of my playlists were greyed out and I was unable to use or even view the playlist. The second I got to the hotel and got back on wifi I was able to use those playlists that I couldn't use while on the plane.

    Now before you say anything all of the music in the playlists are on my iPad. None of them are in the cloud. I got iTunes match so I could move music and playlists while traveling and now when I need them the most I can't use them.

    Anyone have any solutions??

    What's really weird is that most of my wife's playlists I can view on my iPad and I don't have a single song from her playlists on my iPad. It's all in the cloud. It allows me to view some playlists but not others. When I open those other playlists that I don't have the music downloaded it simply shows 0 songs in playlist....but my playlists that I use and have All the songs downloaded onto my iPad I can't use!!

    How do I fix this?
  2. Rutherfurd, Aug 9, 2012
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    So I am not going crazy

    I was experiencing this same issue, but could not find anyone else discussing it. I was happy to finally find this post, but alas, no responses or solutions. Here are some of my own observations for this inexplicable behavior:

    This only happens on the iPad app. The iPhone app appears to not have any problem in this area.

    The Music app is doing something on purpose given that when I am unable to open the playlist, it is visually greyed.

    Not all playlists end up in this state. Some playlists are not greyed and will open. I have not been able to deduce which why.

    Something extremely odd is the fact that the Music app will play music from a greyed out playlist but won't let you open it. For example, am am playing music from a playlist and then pause the music. Later on, I open the Music app while I am not connected to wifi. I can continue playing the song I was listening to and even go to the next or previous song, but am unable to open the playlist that I am currently listening to. And of course for other playlists I am out of luck since I can't open them to get them started.

    Equally odd is the fact that it really has nothing to do with Internet access. The common denominator that I have found is being connected to wifi or not. In airplane mode the problem will occur. With wifi turned on but not connected to any wifi network, the problem will occur. Connected to wifi with Internet access the problem will not occur. Connected to a wifi network with the Internet cable disconnected from the access point, the problem will not occur. Connected to a dummy ad hoc wifi network, the problem will not occur.

    I hope Apple fixes this or someone knows of a workaround as this is very annoying trying to listen to music an airplane mode.
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    Feb 22, 2012
    Greyed Out iTunes match playlists

    I have the same problem with my iPhone. I could not find an answer, so I turned the iTunes Match off on my iPhone and loaded my music by playlist. I know there must be others out there who have solved the problem. I would appreciate any help.

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